Peace beginning to reign again in the UK

News reports this morning are of a quiet night. We are thankful to God for that. And we are grateful to God for the tools he has used, the robust police response. I support the incredible work by them over the last few nights. As they have been given more resources they have restored order. They have done so in a way that has remained essentially British. Their restraint in not asking for things like water cannon has been admirable. I would not have been so patient. The lack of reports of police brutality has been striking. Many of them have been sleeping in police stations for a quicker response if needed. All of them have had summer leave cancelled. The Specials, our volunteer police force have reported for duty. David Cameron’s leadership over the last couple of days has been outstanding. We are a peaceful nation, in which events from the last week are unprecedented. May God restore order fully. Pray that last night’s peace continues.

But may we as a nation rally together afresh. May the value of community building organisations like the Church be appreciated once more. May the gospel have free reign. And may many reach out to Jesus after the shock to all of us that these terrible scenes on our TVs have been.

And on that note, I am planning on returning to my blog break unless there are any developments to report. Guest posts and re-runs will resume on Monday.

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