Popular Posts: The Apostle Paul's Blogging Checklist, Hell, and Rob Bell

During Adrian’s month away from the blog, he has hand-picked a selection of the most popular posts of the year so far to re-run.

The Apostle Paul’s Blogging Checklist was a post written during the Rob Bell controversy, but it has an enduring messaage that should guide us in our online writings:

The Apostle Paul’s Blogging Checklist, Hell, and Rob Bell

Now that Rob Bell’s controversial book Love Wins is on sale on both sides of the Atlantic and many other comments have been made, I am feeling like I cannot avoid engaging in the controversy, or at least should read some more material to understand it better. I did not seek out such involvement, as you can see from my post which ironically listed Five Reasons I hadn’t previously blogged about Rob Bell. Since then I have posted a couple of highly relevant articles without directly addressing Bell’s work.  These are:

I have now found a very helpful round up post on Gary David Stratton’s blog that lists some of the major posts on each side of this vociferous debate. He says that over 400,000 responses are now available online, so reading every post is clearly not an option! I have been following some of the posts he lists, and have finally succumbed and am in the process of reading the book. If you have been following things more closely, and there are critical posts you think I should read that are not on Stratton’s list, please let me know. There is one additional page that I have found to be interesting, a transcript of an interview by Lisa Miller with Rob Bell.

Finally, also in Stratton’s blog is a suggestion that we should use the Apostle Paul’s blogging checklist…

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