Tweets from 2011-08-09

  • "#prayforlondon ? How about actually do something -> #riotcleanup " says @trichobezoar I say, lets do both! see #
  • 1. We must declare a state of emergency and call in the army to the streets of the UK to stop the london riots #staysafe #
  • 2. The rules of engagement must be immediately and publicly changed. Use water cannon, Tazars, tear gas and even guns #
  • 3. RIM Blackberry must immediately close down their BBM instant messaging service in the UK & hand in their records #
  • 4. Arrest anyone who has incited to violence on Twitter, Facebook or elsewhere online stop the London riots #
  • 5. A police website should be set up for members of the public to upload photographs and video of the looters #staysafe #
  • 6. Sensible Community leaders from all areas should be given opportunities to address the nation via our news channels #
  • 7. Road blocks should be placed around key commerical areas and access to them be controlled. #
  • 8. Petrol stations must be immediately required not to sell petrol in cans. Lockable caps for all fuel tanks #
  • 9. A website should be set up for requests for help, and offers of help to be exchanged or just use Twitter #riotcleanup #
  • 10. A clear declaration should be made by the government of who is in charge of the ongoing security operations #
  • 11th point is also critical: #prayforlondon #
  • My pastor @topekoleoso will be live on Premier Gospel in a few minutes and then after 8:30 on Premier's main radio station. #
  • @topekoleoso on premier gospel NOW #
  • @phunni If people tweet "Everybody go to this place and lets riot and steal" then they should be arrested for that. in reply to phunni #
  • @gordonhudsonnu I dont think most businesses use the BBM service, ie their instant messanging service but rather email. Shut down that only in reply to gordonhudsonnu #
  • @gordonhudsonnu says that BBM version used by kids is peer to peer and insecure. And cant be centrally shut down>>Is this true? #londonriots in reply to gordonhudsonnu #
  • It seems most streets don't need cleaning right now…there is a wikki page for more info #
  • I am willing to bet that lots of small businesses will value help sorting thru the rubble of their stores. If you are one let me know #
  • @lucas_parks They are setting buildings on fire. People will die if they haven't already. in reply to lucas_parks #
  • @taraplayfair Because Blackberry Mesenging is how the youths are organisng their gangs. Can broadcast message to loads of kids with places in reply to taraplayfair #
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