Tweets from 2011-10-13

  • RT @andy_the_mac: RT @gussilber: Please don't call anyone with an iPhone for the next two hours. We're all busy downloading IOS 5. Thank you #
  • Strange coincidence that just as IOS 5 is launched with a possible blackberry messenger killer, RIM pull the plug themselves! #
  • Wondering if this will be the last time I ever have to connect my iPhone to a computer…wireless sync backup and update here we come! #
  • @anthonysomerset ROFL! I just had to free up loads of space on my hard drive for the iPhone back up…glad wont have to again after today! in reply to anthonysomerset #
  • Wow looks like the final back up of my iPhone to my computer may take longer than the download of the iOS did! #
  • @robcizek You will need to sync your apps back from your back up on your computer…should be there if you did the back up first in reply to robcizek #
  • IOS 5 downloaders beware. Best to sync your iPhone before you install OS and if it warns you about space on hard drive then make room #
  • This is a much more brutal and complete upgrade than previous ones. It seems to basically wipe your phone of everything. Hence need for B/U #
  • Now my iPhone is being restored from its back up…should be playing with IOS5 soon! #
  • Another IOS 5 feature to drool over! Check out App Store – Find My Friends #
  • @Tomjunlee Mmm.. Trying to figure out if allowing it to sync my apps will loose my data which it says it will…. in reply to Tomjunlee #
  • @Tomjunlee I have a feeling I wasn't synced properly with my laptop on apps before I updated (got a replacement phone a while back) in reply to Tomjunlee #
  • @Tomjunlee Yeh…which was why I didn't synch them before on iTunes in reply to Tomjunlee #
  • @Tomjunlee well here's the thing … I was too lazy to sync apps when I replaced my phone before. I just redownloaded the ones I missed. in reply to Tomjunlee #
  • @Tomjunlee so now, for example, I just downloaded ESV Bible and my notes are there. Will they go if I use my mac to replace apps or not? in reply to Tomjunlee #
  • @Tomjunlee the apps are not on my iPhone but their data is. Ie if I download them on wifi I can take up where I left off Scared of data loss in reply to Tomjunlee #
  • Ok looking for a volunteer to try out the messenger on IOS 5. DM me your details. #
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