Ed Stetzer reflects on my New Frontiers USA brothers and sisters

Ed Stetzer is a great friend to many movements.  I do not think that there is anyone who preachers today to a broader range of evangelicalism. One thing that makes that possible is that he is ever eager to understand what movements actually do stand for.  It was such a blessing having him preach at Jubilee Church London a while back.  It was a flying visit (though we did get to go round the Churchill museum with our wives!) and I think it was his first introduction to a Newfrontiers meeting. Now he has had a chance to worship with some of our American brothers, here are some of his thoughts:

I think it is fascinating to find a movement that is charismatic and Calvinist. Some Reformed movements say they are charismatic, but at Newfrontiers, they are not just “aspirational charismatics.” (I would say that many “new Calvinists” like to use the term “charistmatic” to refer to themselves, but they would not really fit the widely used description– they “aspire” to be, but are not really.) . . .

As I mentioned, these folks say they are charismatics and they worship and live as such. If you are interested in learning more, Terry Virgo has written a helpful book that will give you a picture of the the values of their churches. The Spirit Filled Church gives a fascinating picture of a family of churches that values Reformed theology, expository preaching, and charismatic theology. (My endorsement calls it a “must read” to understand this movement).

READ MORE AT Ed Stetzer – New Frontiers USA– Some Reflections on Calvinists and Charismatics.

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