Listen to this new interview about Jesus' resurrection and why I wrote a book about it

I don’t pay much attention to the sales figures for my book.  I do know two things about them though.  Firstly, the publisher told me they were happy with the sales, especially for a first time author without an “offline” platform.  Secondly, the total number of sales is much fewer than the number of readers of this blog.I am also aware that there are many new readers who might somehow have missed that I wrote a book that argues that at least since the Reformation we have shamefully neglected talking about the Resurrection.

So, with no apology, as I passionately believe this book is about a subject that is surely unsurpassed in importance, I invite you to listen to this new interview and, get ahold of my book if you haven’t already.  If you bought one and never read it, perhaps in these summer months you can find some time.  If you have read it, well done, but cheekily could I ask you to consider buying a copy as a gift for a friend, or writing a brief review on Amazon?


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