Please pray for more joy-producing work of the Holy Spirit in me and also in you

A book by my long since with Jesus mentor, Henry Tyler which he called “Jump for Joy” on page 33 says some devastating words. Devastating to spiritual complacency, I mean! As I enter  a very busy couple of weeks in which I will cross the Atlantic on business to Chicago, and preach three times back in London, I can think of nothing better to ask you to pray for me, and to urge you to pray for yourself than that we will know in ever fuller measure in our experience this work of the Holy Spirit in our hearts as Henry describes:

“The supreme ministry of the Holy Spirit is to glorify the Lord Jesus and it is by this means that he brings joy to our hearts. . .He quickens our faith to know the presence of Jesus and at times we perceive our risen Lord to be so powerfully near that the tide of joy in our hearts is at the flood and overflowing. . . Whatever else may be happening or not happening in the world around us, our hearts are continually knowing a fresh revelation of the risen Christ by his Spirit. This ravishes our hearts afresh with his love, anoints our eyes again to see what he is seeing and empowers us to do what he is doing. . . If you have been born again of the Spirit that is wonderful. But remember, that is only the beginning. There is more. If you have been baptized in the Holy Spirit- praise God! But remember, there is more. Whatever you have known of the powerful operations of the Spirit in the past, yet there is more. More power, more grace, more holiness—more joy.”

Please pray that this may be more true of me, and more true of you.

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