What book do you give visitors and enquirers?

A friend of mine has made a free copy of his book ‘Unforgettable’ on Kindle: http://amzn.to/QNKSRg

His goal in making it available is to encourage church planters to consider using it as a gift to first time visitors of the church. It is an engaging read, and I offer it to you to download and peruse.

It struck me that many of you may already have a book that you give out to visitors. Or indeed to those who either respond to the gospel or seem at the brink of becoming Christians. In my youth for the latter group it seems churches here in the UK used either Knowing God Personally or Journey into Life. Now, as far as I can tell there is not a similar resource that is widely used, but perhaps there is and I just don’t know about it.

Over to you
What book do you give out to visitors to your church? What about enquirers or responders to the gospel?

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Adrian Warnock is a medical doctor, and a writer. Since 1995 he has been a member of Jubilee Church London where Tope Koleoso is the pastor. Together they have written Hope Reborn - How to Become a Christian and Live for Jesus, published by Christian Focus. Adrian is also the author of Raised With Christ - How The Resurrection Changes Everything, published by Crossway.
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  • http://www.pastorbrett.com Brett Maragni

    We offer a choice between two Piper books:
    Don’t Waste Your Life
    Finally Alive

    If we sense that they are not believers, we nudge them toward Finally Alive but if we sense they are believers we recommend they choose Don’t Waste Your Life.

    Also, we are currently giving away (1 free per household) copies of James MacDonald’s Vertical Church, which matches our church’s DNA.

  • http://destinationchurch.org Matt Sweetman

    Adrian, thanks for the post. Undortunaltey the free kindle version was only free for five days, which ended on Friday. But it’s very inexpensive on Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk, and Amazon.eu. Search for ‘Unforgettable: your purpose in Christ.’

  • http://glenandpaula.com/wordpress/ Glen Davis

    I serve in a college ministry in the USA, and we give guests a choice of Mere Christianity by Lewis or The Reason For God by Keller.

  • http://www.philmorgan.org Phil Morgan

    We give out:
    – “Think About It” by Francis Chan (DVD)
    – “The Invitation” by Lee Strobel (CD)
    – “One Heartbeat Away” by Mark Cahill (Book)

  • http://mikesnow.org Michael Snow

    Let us think about taking this idea a step further. What fruit might be born if pastors encouraged their flock to consider giving a book to someone they know who does not know Christ? (You know, equipping the saints for ministry…Eph. 4.) The coming Christmas season is an opportune moment for such an idea. One book suggestion to open the door to further conversation is Oh Holy Night: The Peace of 1914, a reflection on the Christmas truce that also presents the gospel. One review here (others on amazon):