Patheos leads to over 20% bump in traffic

I’m usually quiet about the traffic to this blog, and I still don’t feel comfortable sharing the actual figures with you. What I will say though, is that when I considered joining Patheos my decision wasn’t made on potential blog traffic. It still amazes me that anybody finds reading this site helpful, and I am aware that there are plenty of bigger fish as well, whose traffic makes this blog’s look tiny.  In fact when I made my decision to move, I did wonder if I would lose some readers. I wondered if some Reformed folks might not fully agree with my reasons. I decided to make the jump, convinced it was the right thing for me to do, and willing to take a “hit” in traffic if necessary.

But as it happens, just one person contacted me to say that thanks to the move they would no longer read the blog, and it appears from traffic logs that more than 1,000 new readers have arrived (although these figures are never 100% accurate).  If you are a new reader, or an old one, this post would be a great one to make yourself known in the comment section.  I’d love to know who has been reading this blog for the longest, though I expect most of you won’t remember how long you have been reading!

Anyway, I calculated the average page views over the first nine months of this year.  Midway through October I made the move to Patheos, and over the course of the whole month my pageview traffic was up by 27%. This was not just a temporary blip and the traffic for November remains up 20% on the first nine months of the year!

So thanks to all the folks at Patheos who have made this transition possible, I know it’s not come at an easy time for them, and there are a couple of glitches we still need to fix, but they have been great! I am really looking forward to those tweaks being solved, so that for the first time in my blogging career I can stop worrying about the design, and the technical bits and just get on with blogging!

So over to you: If you are a regular reader, whether you have commented here before or not, I invite you to let me know who you are, where are you from, and how long you estimate you have been reading the blog for!  Welcome one and all, I am so glad that this blog is now feeling more like a community now that comments are fully enabled over here.  If you are on Twitter feel free to Tweet me instead if that is easier for you, and if I don’t follow you already I will follow anyone who @’s me over the next couple of days!

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  • I’ve been reading your blog for a little over a year. I really enjoy the content. I often find myself thinking more deeply about my own views and having a clearer picture of the views of others after reading. Keep up the good work and congrats on the increased readership.

    • Thanks Kevin….it has been a real joy getting to know you over the last year. As I have said often, if I lived in your area I would join your church, and I don’t say that often to pastors!

  • I’ve been reading on-and-off (but that’s how I read most blogs–I don’t have time or energy to read every blog I like–much less comment–every day) since sometime this summer.

    • Kelly, your comments over that time have been very welcome, and I appreciate your being around.

  • I started blogging about 18 months ago, so probably started following your blog shortly after that. I particularly liked your posts on the Rob Bell book and enjoyed your conversation with him on the Unbelievable radio show.


    • Thanks Naomi, if you liked that, you might also like my older Steve Chalke stuff on the atonement and “cosmic child abuse”

  • hello Adrian,
    I’m an English minister who has moved to Bordeaux to improve my French so that I can get involved in the French church. No idea how long I’ve read your blog posts – several years though.
    best wishes, Tim

    • I guess we should figure it out by landmarks…was it before or after the controversy over Spring Harvest and New Word Alive? If you were reading back then, you would surely remember that!

      • Good idea! It must have been before the SH v NWA thing itself, because I remember reading your posts on the Lost Message of Jesus when it first blew up. I can’t pretend to have read all – or even most – of your stuff since, but I’ve dipped in and out, and you’ve always been one of the few in my twitter feed. It is the reporting and analysis stuff that I particularly appreciate.

  • I’ve been reading it for a couple of years. Particularly interested in the Charismatic posts.

    • Thanks Anita! I am of course a charismatic through and through, and I don’t feel the need for a seatbelt!

  • Jodie Sargent

    I have been reading your blog for just over thanks to becoming a bit familiar with your work through a study led by the one of the leaders of Bridge Church in Norwalk Ct which is a New Frontiers church. I have been greatly encouraged and challlenged by your words
    Many thanks

    • Welcome Jodie! I have a bunch of other Newfrontiers readers (you probably know I go to a Newfrontiers church here in London) but I also have a lot of readers from all kinds of different church backgrounds. Its great to get different folks perspectives sometimes.

  • I’ve been following through Google Reader for several months now, though used to read from time to time for a couple of years prior to that. I am a conservative Anglican in the north of England.

    • Nice to meet you! I used to do a lot of reading on Google reader but I ended up copying too many. Now Zite has taken its place for me!

  • Art Costigan

    Adrian: Been following you since around 2006. Always a pleasure to read you and listening to your audio. Was introduced to Toke Koleoso through your blog. Thanks.

  • Art Costigan

    Adrian: Been following you since around 2006. Always a pleasure to read you and listening to your audio. Was introduced to Tope Koleoso through your blog. Thanks.

    • Wow that’s ages! Should have introduced yourself sooner! Tope and I will be at the desiring god conference in feb would be great to meet you there…

  • John

    I’m not sure how long it’s been, but I started reading when you were writing about the ESV when it came out. I’m guessing it’s been over 5 years at least. I always enjoy your thoughts and especially your interviews concerning the ESV. I use a RSS reader these days so rarely read the comments, but every now and then I jump in! Thanks for all the good info.

    • The ESV interview was a long time ago!! I think it was my first interview and it happened in 2005!

  • Alvin Gavel

    I’ve followed your blog for about a month. I’m a Swedish atheist, politically leaning towards social democrat. I read your blog because, well, you seem to be a decent person who is likely to disagree with me on about every issue, and hearing the views of people like that is probably good for pretty much everyone.

    • I so wish that all atheists (or for that matter all christians!) had a similar view! I believe passionately that we should learn to read people whos views, shall we say, make us uncomfortable. Just as a matter of interest, did you find me because of Patheos? I certainly intend on interacting more with some of my other Patheos blog neighbours of different persuasions. Feel free to chip in if you think I say something particularly crazy-sounding to you! I am definitely open to being challenged. Thanks for stopping by and for making yourself a participant not merely a lurker!

      • Alvin Gavel

        I found you because of Patheos, via your discussion with James Croft in October. So interacting with the non-evangelical bloggers here seems like a good way of attracting readers who aren’t themselves evangelical.

        I’ll do my best to challenge you – hopefully without going so far that I’ll just be trolling your blog 🙂

        • I get the feeling you wouldn’t be able to turn into a troll even if you wanted to! Comment away and especially ask for explanation if a post I write simply doesn’t make sense to you!

  • Timothy Dalrymple

    Adrian, it’s been a great pleasure to host you at Patheos, and we’re so “chuffed” you joined us and super-chuffed that the traffic has been trending in the right direction. I generally assume that when people come to Patheos, their traffic will grow, since we will work through our landing pages and newsletters and social networks to introduce them to new readers. That’s a big part of the draw that brings people to our corner of the internet. But they rarely grow so quickly and steeply as you have.

    Consistent quality is the name of the game. I started seeing your name around a couple years ago, and read your blog very periodically, but began reading more frequently about six months ago. I enjoy the perspective from that little island across the pond, enjoy the rare combination of British-Baptist-Charismatic-Evangelical, and once we began to correspond by voice I began to enjoy your accent as well.

    You’re a good man, Adrian. May your tribe increase.

    • Thanks Timothy but I’m not sure that my readers belong to my “tribe”. I think most of them think of me as something of an enigma and are fascinated by what seems like an odd combination. What most Americans don’t realize is that there are thousands of us over here with that same recipe all part of Newfrontiers.

      Sometimes I muse about people who read this blog. I imagine someone in a reformed church who secretly yearns more of an experience with God puzzling about what I mean. I imagine a Pentecostal who longs for more depth in theology than they get in their particular church (many Pentecostals are not lightweights, however eg Hayford!). Or even take the Swedish Atheist who reads me coz he knows he disagrees with almost everything I say but it does him good to try to understand.

      I think we desperately need that respectful dialogue that drew me to Patheos, and which I reckon we can still do a lot more to foster right here. I’ve seen some great examples of it here but there needs to be much much more and that is a major reason I came!

      • I find the whole idea of the mega-blog like Patheos interesting as they offers the opportunity to move beyond tribalism and engage with newer readers. Of course you lose some freedom over design, layout and structure which can be frustrating for creatives. There are strange technical issues as well – on Patheos I don’t understand why having an account doesn’t relate to posting comments!

        Coming to tribes Adrian may seem strange to some Americans, but coming from the same Charismatic Reformed background (at least in my teens) I find him perfectly normal. But then British tribes are perhaps different to US groupings – as an Anglo-Catholic I am uncertain I would not fit into any of the Patheos groupings. I suppose I would have to be Progressive as I support female orders, but in other areas of theology such as salvation, sacraments, saints and sacrifice I am closer to Rome or the Orthodox. I happen to be very comfortable with Charismatic Renewal as well.

        • I don’t think believing in egalitarianism for church leadership roles is enough to make you progressive. Plenty of evangelicals have thought that without rejecting a straightforward interpretation of the Bible on other matters. Though you are right that it can lead to other so called “progressive” views.

          • Liberalism is a dangerous slippery slope Adrian. 🙂

            Teasing aside I suppose I am to Roman Catholicism as maybe Pioneer or Vineyard are to New Frontiers.

          • … and obviously on the reading of Scripture I would tend to see it in a particular context of the Apostolic Fathers.

  • Really enjoying the odd tweets and fb updates ever since I discovered you. Helps a rural dweller feel connected to the trends of contemporary Christian opinion. I will be reading the blog from now on.
    Good work and God bless.

    • Thanks! I live on the edge of this great city of London on the metro line but surrounded by forest nearby!

  • Been reading you for about eight or nine months. I live in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, attend The Village Church (so I guess that puts me in those who are reformed and still reading =)), but spent most of my more formative years in a Charismatic church so I’m always interested in your thoughts on that! I’m also a female blogger, so was interested in the whole discussion that went down with the top 200 blogs (which I thought you handled beautifully!). Thanks for asking =)

    • Welcome! You may not know but we had your pastor come to preach at our conference and church. I also interviewed him and he was great fun, describing himself, like me as a “reformed charismatic”. I’ll be adding you to my top Christian blogs list next time, who else have I missed?

  • Hey Adrian I’ve been reading your blog since about 2007. I’m part of the ncmi tribe but also enjoy reading guys from other tribes. Cheers Tony

    • I reckon we have a lot in common with you guys from what I understand!

  • Hi Adrian.I’m from a NFI church in Hastings and have been following your blog for a number of years. In fact it was you who inspired me to start writing my own blog, so thanks! I really enjoy yours and it has introduced me to a whole wider choice of interesting bloggers and different sites. God bless what you do and keep up the good work.

    • Lovely to have another Adrian here! Almost every Adrian I’ve met is around the same age as me. There seemed to be a blip of us born in the early 70s not sure why! But I do wonder if the secret diary of Adrian Mole led to a sudden reduction in the name being given to babies!

  • Dave Packett

    I came across your blog a year or two ago – I have close family in the “reformed charismatric” movement. Its taken some time but have found some common ground relationally with others – we are all actually in Gods family. ( I am a sort of in a non reformed church without walls situation).

  • To be perfectly honest, I first heard about you and your blog as a result of YoutTube when you had the (infamous?) radio interview with Rob Bell. However, this was some time after you actually had the interview. I liked many of the things you said to him and then Google searched you. I’ve been reading for a few months. As many other commenters have mentioned, I have also heard of the blog as a result of some other “Reformed Charasmatics” namely, Sam Storms. I believe you have done some things with him in the past. You are welcome to check out my blog too. My traffic jumped through the roof when I did an article at the Gospel Coalition and another time when Tim Challies mentioned one of my articles. Thanks so much for your blog. I’ve appreciated it greatly.

  • Adrian, it has been a personal delight to know you since I was first saved in 1995. You have made a profound and personal lasting impact upon me, my friend! I have been an avid reader of your blog since you started way-back-when……must be almost since the Cold War ended, right?! Kidding, dude.

    I hope that the move to your current host is highly fruitful for all, readers and author. You have inspired me to begin blogging. I have two: one at wordpress called Biblicalbebop is my music blog, and my self-titled one at the same host is more to do with my own non-musical thoughts. I am sure there is much advice from you I can seek!!

    Take care, buddy!

  • I am not sure when I first read your blog but it was probably about 4 years ago. Thanks for all you do. Keep using your gift.

    • Hiya. Thanks for keeping on reading all this time and for saying hello!

  • I am new to your writings, and don’t think I ever read your blog before you moved to this site. So, for what that’s worth…

    But, the way I find your articles is when you link to them through twitter. So keep that up!

    • Welcome Todd. Don’t think I’ll be stopping Twitter any time soon!

  • Ginny

    I can’t remember how I found your blog, but have been reading it for several years now. I am a reformed charismatic, attending a not-so-reformed charismatic church, so I am thankful to have your blog to provide some balance. My church is the best charismatic church in our area, however, and our pastor loves God and the Word more than anything else in the world, so I consider myself blessed. Your blog and the ensuing discussions provide much food for thought for me and my friends. Thank you!

  • I’ve been reading your blog for about two years now. I particularly enjoy the wide variety of topics you cover. I was raised in the Reformed Church in America, but have also been Presbyterian, Assemblies of God, and Baptist (how’s that for a combination), since there aren’t any RCA churches in the boondocks of NW Pennsylvania, where my wife and I currently live.

    • That’s sure a mixed background! Blending the best bits of each stream is a passion for me. Nice to meet you!

  • I’ve been reading your blog for just over 4 years if I remember rightly! I worship in an Anglican church in Farnborough (Hampshire)

    • Thanks for making yourself known Richard and welcome!

  • I come to Patheos less. Always popups and my anti-spyware always finds stuff.

    • I think you’re probably referring to cookies. The site will still work if you disable them. Personally I think it’s quite cool that if I visit the site the adverts sometimes remind me of something I was searching for recently eg recently a flight to Nice for example.

  • John Carter

    Hi Adrian, I found your blog about 6 months ago and have enjoyed reading through past posts on the gifts of the Spirit, quotes from Martyn Lloyd-Jones, and a variety of topics. I’m in an evangelical Presbyterian church in Washington state, but 18 months ago experienced a filling of the Holy Spirit that set me off on a search for other reformed charismatics. Your’s is one of the more thoughtful and wide-ranging voices that I’ve found, so I check in to read new posts and old links once a week or so. Thanks!

    • Thanks! I think the reformed charismatic is a growing club. I take it you have discovered Piper and Grudem?

      • John Carter

        Piper yes, but not Grudem. Suggestions for what to read of his work?

  • Jake

    I am in the US but was in Germany with the air force years ago. During that time we went to the isles many times because we enjoyed it so much especially London. However, it broke my heart to see the spiritual darkness there since we owe so much of our spiritual heritage in America to you Brits. The Wesley’s and Spurgeon and Whitfield were all great blessings in the great revival movements of the past over here. I have prayed over the years with many tears both for London and also for New York City. When I stumbled across your blog and began reading about what God is doing through you and other young men and young churches I have shed more tears —- this time of joy — to see how God is working and moving and answering prayer, not only mine, but others who felt the same burden. Go, man, and keep up the zeal. God has given you a unique calling and has gifted you to do it to reach a generation Spurgeon could never have imagined. Keep on loving truth and stay faithful and God will bless what you do.

    • Thanks for massive encouragement and for the prayers.