Spurgeon e-mail devotional

I want to today introduce to my blog readership a new friend of mine, Stephen McCaskell.  We have a top secret project we are working on together that will be revealed shortly! Getting to know him I have been impressed with his entrepreneurial spirit, and his enthusiasm that a new generation should be introduced to the prince of preachers.  You can and should follow him on Twitter, join his Spurgeon Facebook page, read the Spurgeon quotes page he runs, as well as his new blog here on Patheos.

But in addition to all all that, I am looking forward to February when thanks to Stephen a lightly edited version of one of Spurgeon’s finest devotionals will be hitting email boxes.  I have signed up for it and I encourage you to do the same!

Stephen is a real gift to the church as he is a bright man who is more keen to help facilitate our access to the powerful words of another than he is in pushing his own ideas forward. There is nothing new under the son, so we do need God to give us more people like that who will point us to the great servants of God who have gone before us.

Spurgeon is a master soul physician, his devotionals have fed millions. This updated language version will bless a new generation. Add a modern pithy quote and some helpful links from around the web and you have an email well worth reading each day!  SUBSCRIBE TODAY.

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