Jason Meyer on succeeding John Piper as pastor

Jason Meyer on succeeding John Piper as pastor February 5, 2013

Here are my notes on Jason Meyer’s talk entitled “Pastoral Transition after a 32 year ministry.”

Beware of copying strategy. Strategy and supernatural are not opposed to each other. We can use chariots and horses but we must not trust in them.

Paul came in weakness fear and trembling which would not get him good marks in a preaching class!

Gods thoughts are not our thoughts. We must trust him with all our hearts.

When asked by Piper if he was interested in taking on this role he said “nothing would scare me more!” Piper said “well that’s not a no!”

Subjective impressions are not be trusted but tested. They don’t cause you to read the Bible and pray less but more.

A call from God should have subjective and objective elements. Internal and external.

Jason told the story of how God guided him and the church that he should be the next pastor.

Four lessons

1. Make God central. Focus not on man but mission. Focus on Gods presence.

3. Take human sin seriously. Don’t preempt God. Give God opportunity to shut doors.

4. Believe the gospel. God really is that good.

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