“No God? I live in him!” Spurgeon’s divine experience

In this quote from Spurgeon he reveals a depth of spiritual experience that frankly surpasses that of the vast majority of Christians today, whether charismatic or cessationist. But surely we can and should all aspire to know something of the depths of experience he knew?

“Beloved brethren and sisters in Christ, I think that you and I can say, that to us the surest fact in all the world is that there is a God. No God? I live in him. Tell a fish in the sea there is no water. No God? Tell a man who is breathing that there is no air. No God? I dare not come downstairs without speaking to him. No God? I would not think of closing my eyes in sleep unless I had some sense of his love shed abroad in my heart by the Holy Ghost. ‘Oh!’ says one, ‘I have lived fifty years, and I have never felt anything of God.’ Say that you had been dead fifty years; that is nearer to the mark. But if you had been quickened by the Holy Spirit fifty minutes, this would have been the first fact in the front rank of all fact, God is, and he is my Father, and I am his child. Now you become sentient to his frown, his smile, his threat, or his promise. You feel him; his presence is photographed upon your spirit; your very heart trembles with awe of him, and you say with Jacob, ‘Surely God is in this place.’ That is one result of spiritual life.”
C. H. Spurgeon, Sermon No. 2267, “Life from the Dead,” delivered March 13, 1890 at the Metropolitan Tabernacle, Newington; http://www.spurgeon.org/sermons/2267.htm.

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  • Dorfl

    As an atheist trying to understand religious believers, I think this kind of personal experience is probably the most interesting thing to hear. While most apologetics have a feel of “I’ve got my conclusion: now I have to rationalise it somehow”, this actually does something to clarify why you believe as you do.

    That said, it still fails to convince me. I accept that Spurgeon felt God giving him strength and support, and that you do too. The problem is that for every person who lives in God, there is someone else who lives in Allah, or in Krishna, or any of the other gods. At best, we’d have to accept this as evidence that all gods are real. (Overextending his metaphor, this would make Spurgeon like a fish who believes the entire universe is full of water, since he’s never been anywhere where there isn’t any). Or we have to dismiss all such testimonies as evidence, accepting that if a method for finding out truth still gives wildly contradictory results after thousands of years of use, then it isn’t reliable enough to be useful.

    Ideally, you would at this point exclaim “Of course, now I see! There was no God giving me strength. It was me all along”. But I realise that the odds of that happening are as low as the odds that you will convert me to Evangelicalism.

    • http://patheos.com/blogs/adrianwarnock Adrian Warnock

      “the odds of that happening are as low as the odds that you will convert me to Evangelicalism.” LOL! I like that!

  • http://mikesnow.org Michael Snow

    “In this quote from Spurgeon he reveals a depth of spiritual experience that frankly surpasses that of the vast majority of Christians today”” :http://spurgeonwarquotes.wordpress.com/