The Ramifications of the Resurrection – interview on Knowing the Truth

I had a great time today as a guest on Kevin Boling’s radio show talking about the resurrection of Jesus. It is encouraging to see every Easter the increase in interest in my book. But, in a way, the fact that this all comes mostly at Easter time is proof positive that the book, and the ideas in it are still very needed.

I am sure that books about the cross of Jesus are bought all year round. It is time that books on the resurrection were read all year too!  So, this Easter, why not use the prompt of it being this time of year to pick up my book, or another one about the resurrection, and determine to read it through.  May God bless you as you study the resurrection of Jesus, whatever book you choose to read!

You can listen to the interview from today by downloading the MP3 or visiting The Ramification of the Resurrection –

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  • don sands

    Dear brother Adrian,
    Love you brother. I used to spend much more time on your blog, but for some reason our Savior has made me wander away and serve Him in other avenues. You are such a fine pastor. I appreciate your hard work, my dear brother in Christ, and i rather enjoy listening to you teach the truth of our risen Lord and God. jesus Christ, as he fills you with His Spirit. It is so very real and genuine, isn’t it!

    Lord bless! And if you ever venture across “the pond” and find yourself in Maryland, please let me know, and I’d love to have you and yours for dinner, and fellowship. All glory to our Abba Father!

    All for the Cross, Gal. 6:14, Love & Shalom,