Great to have a day off. And what do I find myself doing? Yep you got it blogging. Cant spend the day doing this tho as I am needing to work on my sermon for sunday! David part 2. Last night I really enjoyed group- it was a great chat about what it means to live life to the full and how being a Christian shouldnt be boring. Funny how so many people think that Christians are boring. I guess… Read more

Andrew Sullivan states: “It has been imprinted on an entire generation that Big Pharma is the source of all evil. But the only reason I’m writing this blog at all is because of Big Pharma. They’re not angels in America. They’re capitalists. But the profit motive has been the most progressive force in pioneering specific medical breakthroughs that we have yet found.” Read more

ChristWeb:confesses “I myself do not blog for the purpose of attention, but that attention is something that we all as humans do crave. We enjoy seeing others enjoy our work and we appreciate the recognition that we receive for our work. The problem is not in pursuing such goals, since one should always strive to perform as well as possible. The problem begins when we allow that pursuit of recognition to overshadow the thing itself. We should always remember the… Read more

GO! Read this now! Every bit, and the links, and ask yourself how does a blogger having a bit of fun end up so obsessed with traffic and ecosystems that such a row ensues?! Whilst as the King of Fools has highlighted for us the scandal is slowly getting resolved, it is a warning to all bloggers. Blogging can be addictive. Popularity and the love of it is dangerous. Most of all, this is all a GAME- and should not… Read more

Guardian Unlimited reports on the “People the law forgot….It is almost two years since the Guantanamo prison camp opened.” Read more

PowerPoint: anathema or boon? This collection of articles explores the idea that Powerpoint can oversimplify presentations, but then suggests that we are not graphical enough in the way we put ideas accross. Interesting reading. Read more

Clareified a truly noble opponent in the King of Blogs contest who sadly did not advance to round 2 has visited this blog and commented (always welcomed by the author- hint hint!) ‘Your blog is like comfort food!’ I hope that is a complement I plan to take it that way! Hurry up and activate your Blogger XML feed (on title only preferably) and I will add you to the Blogdom of God. Read more

My meteroric rise through the Ecosystem thanks to a few links from a few blogs has got me thinking…. What if a few great Christian blogs got together and determined that they would regularly link to each other. Not to fix the results of blog searches, but to highlight excelent quality blogging from throughout the Blogdom of God. What if these core blogs all agreed to post a set of links like the one in this post with suggested additions… Read more

Although both Tamasin and Henry have both said sorry to Jesus for their sins before, tonight was slightly different. I asked Tamasin what you had to do to become a Christian. She answered that you had to thank Jesus for taking the blame for us, and say sorry to him for all your lies. I said that it wasn’t just lies, but all naughty things, and she agreed. I then said you needed to ask Jesus to be the boss… Read more

Mensa have a rough test to assess your chances of joining- my results? “Your score was 22 out of 30. That is a very good score, you would have a good chance of passing the Mensa test” Interesting, as I never thought of myself as Mensa material!!!! Read more

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