A liberal approach to terrrorists….

A liberal suggests that we should stop attacking countries that don't espouse Western values: ", and leave them to evolve in their own way at their own rate. That policy is to invest the billions that the US is now spending on arms, to instead provide those countries with humanitarian aid -- money and supplies for education, infrastructure-building, medicines, and civilian technologies and training in how to use them. No strings attached except that we need to be able to audit to ensure the … [Read more...]

UK on highest possible alert – will we be next?

As a suspected terrorist is arrested the UK and explosives have been recovered at his house in Gloucester the police have stated to the BBC NEWS: "We are at the highest level of alert in the country and we can go no further "It seems there is also thought to be an active North African cell planning an iminent strike and they currently have NOT been traced. … [Read more...]

Blockbuster Evangelism

Blockbuster Evangelism - Christianity Today Magazine: "Millions have been converted after seeing films about Jesus, and Hindu radicals are responding with violence" … [Read more...]

A challenge unanswered….

Over a year ago He Livesposed a question: "Arminians: Why did you choose God?" No one appears to have answered it I wonder why? Perhaps they weren't predestined to!But, over on a Joshua Claybourn comment section, the very same author seems to hit on probably the hardest issue for us Calvinists to answer. It is perhaps summarised in the following quetion 'How can a command to preach the gospel to all men be reconciled with a doctrine that only the elect shall be saved?'Answers on a comment … [Read more...]

How many mugs are there out there?

Enough for so called 419 spammers to earn "hundreds of millions of dollars annually" … [Read more...]

I so understand this man……

Man gets "spam rage" over penis ad … [Read more...]

reading the news helps us stay sane

Possibly stating the obvious, Joshua Claybourn reports: "People who keep up with current events are less depressed than those who avoid it. 'The happiest people are those who take an interest in the world and participate in their community"Indeed, believe it or not the events of 9/11 leading as it did to a greater sense of belonging for Anglosaxons apparently led to a REDUCTION in the number of suicides for a month.The trouble with our society these days is that that sense of community is … [Read more...]

Iraqi Sites Guide – The Mass Graves

Iraqi Sites Guide - The Mass GravesA site to make you mourn for the opression that Iraquis suffered under Sadaam. … [Read more...]

All you need is love….

All obedience begins in the affections, and nothing in religion is done right, that is not done there first. (Matthew Henry on Mt 22:39-40 - the greatest commandment)We are separated by some period of time from Matthew Henry I fear that we no longer understand what he meant by affection. You see love biblically is not simply a wishy washy feeling.Jonathon Edwards who was of the same era as Matthew Henry said of the affections that they were "the faculty by which the soul does not behold … [Read more...]

A Warnock family joke

Dad to Tamasin- I love you Tamasin to Dad- Thats funnyI love the letter U too, I love the way you write it actually! … [Read more...]