Google domination

Well, I may have blown my chances at becoming the King of the Blogs tonight, but I can take a consolation prize. I have just noticed that I have somehow gained a 1st place rank on Google for the search UK Christian BlogSo perhaps I better grow up and return to more serious blogging after some of tonights antics.......! … [Read more...]

Civil liberty vs security

ChristWeb: reports on "Freedom or Suspicious Activity?" Are our governments clamping down too much or just looking after our safety? … [Read more...]

One good blog deserves another…..

Got an email today from Ande's Blog asking me to take a look at it.In fact, ironically I got it just as I got to the end of my crazy round of blatant, and I hope at times funny, campaigning for the King of Blogs contenst.The email got me thinking, as Ande is not even listed as an insignificant microbe in the Ecosystem, but he is clearly an enthusiastic blogger.Will Ande blog away quietly in a corner somewhere and then give up? Will he swiftly ascend the blog evolutionary system as I seem … [Read more...]

America's Guilt: the Prisoners in a Legal Black Hole

The 600 Guantanamo Bay prisoners to my mind remain the single most difficult to justify act of the Allies since 9/11. I have yet to hear a single credible defense of this action.Having said that, I have also yet to hear a single credible alternative course of action suggested. … [Read more...]

A serious post…..

Whilst the current war for the Blogdom is clearly great fun and obviously preoccuying me tonight, in the course of my one man campaign for Blog domination, I came accros a post asking a vital question.... at Rick's Cafe Americain: "When is the War on Terror going to focus on Terror?"As the post goes on, it seems quite clear that some of the happenings since 9/11 are harder to justify than others. All I really argue in my all to serious post for the King of Blogs contest is that we do need to … [Read more...]

Instaking of Blogging?

A few months ago I called Joshua Claybourn the King of Christian Blogs This was because I genuinely believed it to be true, and did not despite rumours to the contrary comprise a pathetic attempt at self promotion by a lowly new blogger.Now a few months on, I have been mad enough to enter the first ever contest to be crowned the King of whole Blogdom.Now there is of course only one slight problem with that. InstaPundit otherwise known as Glenn Reynolds quite clearly is the Emporer of the … [Read more...]

Random Fate

Random Fate states: "Despite what Einstein said, God DOES play dice with the universe, and those suckers are loaded"Love it!Even if it does come from an opponent in the King of the Blogs contest- desperate times call for desperate measures! When does a comment campaign become spamming??PLEASE if you read my blog and like it, now is the time to tell the world!!! … [Read more...]

A good start for me?

Well my entry is NOT the favorite of drowning at 2 feet sea level but two people who entered the King of Blogs tornament have seen their all important rankings in the ecosystem go up so all is not yet lost! … [Read more...]

King of the blogs

Well my entry for the first King of the Blogs contest has been described by Practical Penumbraas " a very well written post, only not funny".I didn't realise humour was part of the deal!!!!Tamasin my daughter came up with a great joke today- 'Whats a Barbeque?' A 'Its a line of people dancing like barbies!' … [Read more...]

Daniel Bedingfield and the Fame Academy final

There seems to be a lot of noise out there about how Daniel Bedingfield was supposed to have been rude to someone in the Fame Academy Final. One writer criticised "the way Daniel Bedingfield totally blanked him". I can't really comment on this, as I didn't watch the final, but I wonder whether the following quote gives any insight into this situation.....Daniel Bedingfield says childhood illness is inspiration: "Daniel said the chemical imbalances in his brain have been the key to his … [Read more...]