Jesus- 100% Human

Jesus cried at funerals, got angry in church, had close friends, was betrayed by someone he loved, struggled with obeying God, made friends with prostitutes and terrorists, let women get close to him and touch him, loved kids, enjoyed weddings, created 972 bottles of wine, and had a habit of breaking up funerals. … [Read more...]

What is the Church here for?

It is the task of the visible church to make the invisible reign of christ visible- Calvin … [Read more...]

On Evolution

Christianity has fought, still fights and will fight science to the desperate end over evolution destroys utterely and finally the very reason Jesus' earthly life was supposedly made necessary. Destroy Adam & Eve and the original sin, and in the rubble you will find the sorry remains of the son of God. Take away the meaning of his death. If Jesus was not the redeemer who died for our sins, and this is what evolution means, then Christianity is nothing! Bozarth, the meaninq of evolution, … [Read more...]

West Vs East

The west idolises the body, the east idolises the spirit … [Read more...]

Time for some quotes

I'm in the mood for blogging some of my quote collection, so hold onto your hats you are in for a ride of a lifetime!!!!Here is the first-bible readingSome seem to expect the Word of God to hit them like a jolt of adrenaline each time they read or study it. Although the jolt may hit us periodically, the benefits of the Word of God act more like vitamins. People who regularly take vitamins do so because of their long-term benefits, not because every time they swallow one of the pills, they … [Read more...]

Lets read Deuteronomy more….

Few people will realise that Jesus favorite book of the OT was actually Deuteronomy- he quoted from it more than any others. How come we don't read it much today? … [Read more...]

If only all fundementalist Christians could read this…..

++ relapsed catholic quotes David Warren: "'It does not follow that people who condemn homosexuality want homosexuals to be persecuted. For the same people who condemn homosexuality, also condemn adultery. It doesn't mean they want adulterers lynched. The Church itself teaches us to condemn the sin, but not the sinner.'The idea of equality before the law is among the many other products of our beleaguered Christian heritage. People are not equal because they are Catholic, or Jewish, or black, … [Read more...]

On Annual leave

Great to have a day off. And what do I find myself doing? Yep you got it blogging. Cant spend the day doing this tho as I am needing to work on my sermon for sunday!David part 2.Last night I really enjoyed group- it was a great chat about what it means to live life to the full and how being a Christian shouldnt be boring.Funny how so many people think that Christians are boring. I guess thats coz some Christians ARE boring. I hope I am not one. … [Read more...]

Big bad pharma?

Andrew Sullivan states: "It has been imprinted on an entire generation that Big Pharma is the source of all evil. But the only reason I'm writing this blog at all is because of Big Pharma. They're not angels in America. They're capitalists. But the profit motive has been the most progressive force in pioneering specific medical breakthroughs that we have yet found." … [Read more...]

Bloggaholics of the world unite….

ChristWeb:confesses "I myself do not blog for the purpose of attention, but that attention is something that we all as humans do crave. We enjoy seeing others enjoy our work and we appreciate the recognition that we receive for our work. The problem is not in pursuing such goals, since one should always strive to perform as well as possible. The problem begins when we allow that pursuit of recognition to overshadow the thing itself. We should always remember the reason we initially began writing … [Read more...]