2003 Weblog awards

Another competition for you- this time its the 2003 Weblog awards which has many different categories. I especially like the ‘FOREIGN’ category which although not defined, I assume equates to non-American! That’ll be my category then! Does that mean all other categories can only be won by Americans I ask myself? Read more

Religious reprogramming

The Associated Press: “Forget the bread-and-water routine. Saudi Arabian interrogators often bring a Quran, the Muslim holy book, to their prison interviews, using a technique that has proved successful in eliciting information from al-Qaida captives and reorienting them to less violent religious beliefs.” Read more

In the top 1000

After all I said earlier today about the Kingdom of blogs and how I was doing my best to get back to real blogging, why did it cause some interest to me that I have made a jump in the Ecosystem. It seems if the contest was about drawing peoples attention to some lowly blogs like mine then it has succeeded. Today I jump to being a Flapping Bird (a high honour indeed for a blog thats less than a… Read more

Blogging is bad for your health…..

more living, less punditrystates the: “Top 10 Dangers of Living in the Blog Space ” Read more

Now I'm in trouble…….

Anyone who reads this blog with any degree of regularity will know that this blog is in the running to be awarded with the first King of the Blogs prize. Well, the results of the first round are in and I have progressed into a three way fight with the evangelical outpost and eTALKINGHEAD, two very worthy opponents. Despite all appearances to the contrary with my attempt at a humouress campaign to influence the results, generally speaking I am really… Read more

David the Servant King

By Adrian Warnock Powerpoint file Read more

Legal row after terror arrest

After Blunket stated the man arrested in the UK had links to Al Quida the Attorney general is to investigate him for a potential contempt of court. It is a good thing that we still live in a society that has some respect for law, but concerning that our home secretary felt it was appropriate to make the comments he did. Read more

A liberal approach to terrrorists….

A liberal suggests that we should stop attacking countries that don’t espouse Western values: “, and leave them to evolve in their own way at their own rate. That policy is to invest the billions that the US is now spending on arms, to instead provide those countries with humanitarian aid — money and supplies for education, infrastructure-building, medicines, and civilian technologies and training in how to use them. No strings attached except that we need to be able to… Read more

UK on highest possible alert – will we be next?

As a suspected terrorist is arrested the UK and explosives have been recovered at his house in Gloucester the police have stated to the BBC NEWS: “We are at the highest level of alert in the country and we can go no further ” It seems there is also thought to be an active North African cell planning an iminent strike and they currently have NOT been traced. Read more

Blockbuster Evangelism

Blockbuster Evangelism – Christianity Today Magazine: “Millions have been converted after seeing films about Jesus, and Hindu radicals are responding with violence” Read more

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