Guardian Unlimited | Special reports | Microscopes have no morals: “James Watson, co-unraveller of DNA, told television viewers recently how ’embarrassed’ he is to meet scientists who believe in God, or indeed who take religion seriously. He was talking to his chum and fellow atheist Richard Dawkins. Both are outstanding and prominent spokesmen for their trade – Dawkins a professor of science communication at Oxford. The message from on high seems clear. Religion is dead. Long live science. But religion… Read more

This article exposes the hypocrisy of the Halal industry in the UK and outlines the arguements for why killing an animal without stunning it is neither practical nor ethical. Guardian Unlimited | Special reports | Decca Aitkenhead investigates the halal industry: ” In June the Food Animal Welfare Council produced a report which claimed that halal and kosher methods of slaughtering animals were inhumane, and should be outlawed immediately. Animal welfare should not, it said, be sacrificed to religious freedom…. Read more

I couldn’t agree more Dr Williams…..The Guardian reports Dr Williams as saying : “‘Unity becomes finally unintelligible and unworthwhile when it itself ceases to be a theological category. Staying together is pointless unless it is staying together because of the Body of Christ.’ ” Read more

The drive towards division in the C of E seems to be gathering momentum, as I have said before I think this is the best possible outcome for the church. Guardian Unlimited | Special reports | Anglicans face schism over gay row: “They are wealthy, well-connected and on the warpath. To their critics they are fundamentalists who belong in the Dark Ages of the Church. To their supporters they offer the only true road map to salvation. And, for the… Read more

JAson Robinson, a rising star of English Rugby found his life was in a mess before becoming a Christian “Inspiration to find an answer came in the form of Va’aiga Tuigamala, the huge Western Samoan forward, who also played for Wigan and was a born-again Christian. One day, he told Robinson that he had seen him in a dream, standing on top of the world and that the ground had started crumbling from under his feet. Soon afterwards, Robinson began… Read more

In an article entitled ‘I’m absolutely nuts’ Daniel Bedingfield says “I’m definitely into shagging one person for life” Read more

DANIEL BEDINGFIELD lyrics Get a load of this, and to think its sold a million copies!!!! I wish I could have heard this before I married, it would have expressed how I felt perfectly! And people wonder why Christians tend to get married younger than some. Right Girl I’m gonna do it right girl I’m gonna hold you tight girl Till then, I gonna wait, anticipate that day I’m waiting for the right time, when you’ll be mine You say… Read more

Funny how being a public Christian these days seems to be less of an issue than it used to be check out the BBC – Top of the Pops – Top 5 – God Squad! Read more

One product of this wedding that I attended, was discovering the singer DANIEL BEDINGFIELD who I had not heard until driving around with the groom in the couple of days before the wedding. During the hard times ‘I gotta get thru this’ was a favorite of his, and when they got engaged Sue played ‘IF you’re not the one’ to Ant (and as the first dance after the wedding). Amazingly you can view a video of ‘If you are not… Read more

Today someone who I see most days at work emailed me to say I have just had a look at your blog site. I am impressed, it makes good reading and is interesting to see what goes on in your head. Somehow it seems strange to think of a work colleague, a ‘real person’ reading these witterings. In fact in some jobs I would have been nervous about even letting people know that I was a Christian. Actually the entire… Read more

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