The truth about the Iraq war

Dr Patrick Dixon's as insightful as he often is about the situation in Iraq. He makes the point that by historical standards the degree of international agreement about Iraq was in fact awesome. He says we already live in a one-world market that is moving closer to political unity not further away....The truth about the Iraq war: "During the Cold War, any threat of military invasion of a country by Russia or America would have produced in most cases immediate counter-threats by the other. As … [Read more...]

The future's bright and coming faster than you think………..

Dr Patrick Dixon states : "'All the time we ponder to reflect, science accelerates even further into our uncertainty. At the moment we are dithering. There is moral uncertainty and the future will not stop for moral uncertainty. That kind of thinking is so last century.' " … [Read more...]

Christian Blogger in the news…………

DAVID CRUMM: Cyber-mom's creed: Make her daily Web log a spiritual boost: "'Am I writing this for myself or for my audience or for my God?' '" … [Read more...] Your personal online coach to help you gain control of your house and home Your personal online coach to help you gain control of your house and homeMy wife is getting more and more into this- I think there needs to be a husbands support list for those dazzled by shining sinks exhausted by watching room rescues and who sneeze when they see a feather duster!Seriously it is quite good! … [Read more...]

Black child born to white parents

This story shows we are all more close to each other than we like to admit and is a stinging indictment of racismSimplyFamily - Where Families Come Together: "It took 30 years, the death of her father and the end of apartheid for Sandra Laing, a black child born to white parents, to be reunited with her mother. The two were torn apart by a genetic quirk in one of the most enduring tragedies of South Africa's racist system. Last week Sandra's mother, Sannie, wept as she finally kissed the … [Read more...]

Blame the victim

Spot on as ever Joshua!Joshua Claybourn's Home Page: "It seems that in many parts of the world, particularly Europe, the victim of violence must assume some level of guilt or responsibility. Surely the aggressor had some legitimate claim.We saw this after the attacks of September 11, when some people essentially said America deserved it. Others focused on 'Why do they hate us,' with an assumption that its cause must be justified. These are important questions, no doubt, but the default … [Read more...]

Who wants to live forever?

Thanks to Joshua Claybourn for this one. Like him, I think this is thought provoking about the issue of longevity. Like him I will keep those thoughts to myself for now- what do YOU think? John Derbyshire on Immortality on National Review Online: "myself that knows my own history, that has been sorting and weighing and accumulating and negotiating, loving and hating, anticipating and regretting, for 70 or 80 years, will get weary at last. Biochemistry will never be able to do anything about … [Read more...]

Joshua Claybourn- the King of Christian blogs

Consistantly at or near the top of the pile in terms of who links who in the Christian blogosphere Joshua is a real diamond. His blog is always witty, thoughtful and provocative and is propbably the one I read more than any other- except perhaps my own when I am desperately trying to piece some thoughts together for my next sermon! Do check out Joshua Claybourn's Home Page it is well worth it.I feel highly honoured then by his comments on my website in email correspondance to me lately You … [Read more...]

water may damage your health…….!

Telegraph | Arts | My battle with the bottle: "Anthony Andrews is not the first actor to nearly die from drinking - he had no idea mineral water could be so harmful, he tells Elizabeth Grice " … [Read more...]

Jesus was a top bloke- Sky news!

Headline news from Sky News - Witness the event: "'JESUS WAS A TOP BLOKE'Jesus might have been the son of God but he was also a top bloke who threw ripper barbies. The latest version of the Bible has been written in Australian slang in an attempt to get more people interested in the Good Book. In Kel Richards' Aussie Bible, the Virgin Mary is 'a pretty special Sheila' who gets knocked up with the Big Boss's son. Instead of the traditional swaddling clothes and manger, the Shiela wraps the baby … [Read more...]