Faithful log on to U.K. church

They may have had the first live video cast service as described at Faithful log on to U.K. church but we have been putting british audio sermons online for some while over at jubilee church. Read more

Homosexuals and the law

Homosexuals Haven’t had a chance to read this myself in detail, but it looks interesting- christians in the US arguing about whether they should be in favour of laws against homosexuality or not. Here in the UK I guess most Christians would have no problem with homosexuality being legal, but would feel that its practice was inconsistent with a Christian confession. Perhaps we have a truly more separate view of church and state. Read more

My son's trust in Jesus…..

My 4 year old son Henry told me the other day that he was in a swimming pool with his mum when somehow he fell of a float and found himself under the water. I asked ‘were you scared’. He said yes, and he couldnt even breath! I then asked did he think he was going to die at the time? ‘No’ he said ‘Jesus was there with me…I somehow managed to stand up and grabbed onto the rail and… Read more

children are a gift

Was chatting to one of my work colleagues today about marriage and children. We spoke about how some people have a child to bring them together. I feel this is a mistake as if committment is not in a relationship initially the addition of an extramouth (or three as one couple I know are going to have at once- and they have another one under two also!) will not help that. I feel that for me my committment is not… Read more

homosexual humbug

The trouble with compromise is that it all too often pleases no-one and sounds both hypocritical and bizarre. Behind all the hullabaloo about gay priests and even possibly gay bishops, people have perhaps missed the fact that the C of E began compromising on this issue many years ago. It is quite simply untenable to allow one thing for ‘ordinary’ members of the church and another for its leaders. The church must jump one way or the other. Cultural relevance… Read more

Purgatory debunked

Having admitted that Purgatory isn’t a biblically based doctrine, athanasiusstates “After seeing the problem of sin versus holiness, and considering the various alternatives offered by Protestant traditions, I’m forced to conclude that Purgatory is the best theological solution that the Church has yet to come up with.” In my view his posts are a classic example of why ‘theological’ thinking can often go wrong. We all too often attempt to reason our way around a problem rather than see what… Read more

Auntie's digital revelation

Just the thought of this is enought to make you salivate! Guardian Unlimited | Online | Auntie’s digital revelation: “there is a stash of material that currently does not earn the BBC a penny, and for which it owns exclusive rights. What’s more, it’s been listed in every Royal Charter that it has a requirement to present this material to the world. Last Sunday, Greg Dyke changed that. He revealed that the BBC is planning to digitise and offer for… Read more

What on Earth am I here for?

Tomorrows sermon by yours trully up and ready for purusal already! What on Earth am I here for? Read more

'Magdalene Sisters'

This review catalogues the horrors that occured in this film about the barbarism of convents. I never saw this film, but it sounds like one of those one ‘should’ see, but not really enjoy as such. this review states: “Mary-Jo McDonagh, a real-life survivor of the Magdalene laundries, said the movie was too kind, if anything. ‘It was worse. Much worse than what you see (in the film). ‘I don’t like to say it, but the film is soft on… Read more

The Man Who Sued God

Can’t find much comment about this, although the reviews seem mixed. I might even have to go and see it. It seems this is about an attempt to Sue the almighty for damages for an ‘act of God’ which the insurance company wouldn’t pay out for! According to the BBC, The Man Who Sued God is a hard film to categorise. It’s also a hard film not to like, since its so-absurd-it-could-be-true story about a man who decides to sue… Read more

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