D.C. pastor borrowed sermons

We all quote from sermons from time to time but not the whole thing! And beware your congregation may be able to read the sermon on the internet as they did for this D.C. pastor who borrowed sermons: "The trail of borrowed sermons now stretches back at least a year and a half. "Mind you I remember once thinking I had originally came up with a series of headings for a talk, only to read them almost word for word in a Spurgeon sermon- I guess I had read it before! … [Read more...]

A simple faith

My son has a simple faith in Jesus which stands out. The other day he suddenly said to my wife 'Last time I asked Jesus to give me something, he didn't do it- but I still believe in him you know' Out of the mouths of babes and infants! … [Read more...]

Josh is Flirting

Easy Josh, easy!!! AskMen.com - Flirting … [Read more...]

I started something…….

Over at Reverend Mike's House of Homiletic Hash It seems I have caused a stir! "Josh Claybourn, the 'Potentate of Holy Punditry,' took the opportunity to welcome a new blog to the arena, written by Dr. Adrian Warnock. However, Josh tipped his hand when he noted that Adrian had referred to him as 'the King of Christian blogs' in one post. The following exchange ensued in his Comments section: Puh-leez. I called Pejman a 'wild boar loose in the Lord's vineyard' to get a link from him. Now THAT'S … [Read more...]

The Next Sexual Revolution – Christianity Today Magazine

The Next Sexual Revolution - Christianity Today Magazine: "More than four decades after the introduction of the Pill, hardly anyone now getting married remembers the time when pleasure, procreation, passion, companionship, and parenthood were all intimately knotted into a bundle called marriage. Without those connections, marriage has become an arena for mere self-fulfillment and sexual expression. "The article goes on to describe a mariage as a thread that runs through community. Further to … [Read more...]

the free market…

Thought I'd weigh into this one over here Joshua Claybourn's argues "The beauty of the free market, as most of my readers know, is that in order to maximize your own self-interest, you must first aim to maximize another's. In order to make money for myself, I must provide a valuable good or service to the rest of society (or some portion of it). So in effect the whole edifice isn't really built on selfishness, it's built upon service to others. And besides, if we're not allocating resources … [Read more...]

Volunteers at fake seance 'remembered' seeing table levitate

Memory is a deceptive thing........ Telegraph | Connected | Volunteers at fake seance 'remembered' seeing table levitate: "In an experiment, up to a third of people who attended a fake seance later 'remembered' seeing a table levitate - even though infra-red cameras recorded that it remained grounded to the floor" … [Read more...]

Martin Luther King's Dream not yet fullfilled

Discrimination is alive and well in the US according to this article Martin Luther King's Dream Hard to Be Fulfilled … [Read more...]

a deliverance tradegy

~This kind of thing gives churches a bad name. I don't know what people are thinking of when they restrain children in this way. As a psychiatrist I know that restraint can be dangerous- in the UK physical restraints (such as straightjackets) are no longer used for prescisely this kind of reason. Charisma News Service: "A minister at a small church in Milwaukee was arrested after an autistic 8-year-old boy died while wrapped in sheets during a prayer service." … [Read more...]

Winston Churchill – a biography

If my witterings about Churchill interested you, here is a link to a biography about him he is described as follows.... TIME 100: Leaders & Revolutionaries - Winston Churchill: "he political history of the 20th century can be written as the biographies of six men: Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Mao Zedong, Franklin Roosevelt and Winston Churchill. " … [Read more...]