Learning to cope with partners who travel

My poor wife had to cope with me being in the USA shortly after I started my new job. I am sure she would have agreed with a woman who was quoted in the telegraph as sayinghaving his comatose body home two days ahead of his mind drives me nuts.This was certainly true of me after that trip! In fact I slept for ages on my return and twice thought I was in my hotel room on waking up. One of these times I was convinced I had another woman lying next to me in bed. I couldnt understand it as that … [Read more...]

We don't do God….

The fact that Tony Blair was interrupted by Campbell during an interview with the reminded 'we don't do God' is surely shocking.An editorial in the London Daily Telegraph on Monday 5th May 2003 wryly comments:One could write a book about everything that this little intervention has to tell us about Mr Blair and his style of government, and about Britain in 2003......Further evidence of Number 10's anxiety to avoid religious rhetoric during the Iraq war emerged yesterday in an article in … [Read more...]

Five Points: Reforming Healthcare in Britain

Five Points: Reforming Healthcare in Britain I expect it would be fair enough to describe the current UK NHS as near communist in its ideals! Actually it is arguably a good system in desperate need of more funding (which it appears to be getting) more local accountability (which the governement has recently tackled head on with new legislation to set up foundation hospitals) more availability accross the country of new medications (which www.NICE.org.uk is addressing), more national standard … [Read more...]

Wiping churches off Britain's Ordnance Survey maps would be an act of cultural and topographical vandalism so says yesterdays times. This is yet another indication to join Tony Blair being told by his cronies not to say 'God Bless' at the end of his talk to the nation that we are probably the most godless nation on earth. Well Christianity is dead long live Christianity. We have been here before as a nation, and each time the old faith bounces back (often in slightly new guise). Watch out … [Read more...]


Bible Gateway : PROV 3;

Bible Gateway : PROV 3; Trust in the LORD with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight (or direct) your paths.I remain convinced that these words are a good foundation for any life. My grandfather was told them by his father on his death bed and the words have been precious to Warnock's ever since (if not before!)I am sure that life is not merely chance and having landed on my feet in a job that I love recently … [Read more...]

Mercedes may kill you!!!

I recently had a near death experience in a mercedes! Herzlich Willkommen bei Mercedes-Benz - Welcome to Mercedes-Benz says the website. Welcome to the afterlife thought I! Having had the car for 4 days as a company car from my posh new job (no I didnt choose to have a merc- I wanted the Jaguar X-type but someone else got in their first!) it nearnly killed me!Picture the scene, M25 at 6-50am (I am missing the traffic that way- my little secret don't tell anyone but working late is passe, … [Read more...]

'Smart' hospital to improve care

There are some wild ideas about a 'Smart' hospital to improve care. Hey if I was still in the NHS I would be happy if I even had access to an email system or the ability to look at electronic journals online! Amazingly enough most hospital doctors dont even have access to PC's on their desks. Amazing to think that something as high risk as reading someones dodgy handwriting is still relied on for medicating out sickest patients in hospital! Trust me you wouldnt want to be reading my … [Read more...]

Contraception – modes of action

I wonder why it is that issues of childbirth and contraception seem to cause more heat than light with all of us? Having just had a debate about what exactly is the mode of action of the pill (why should that be of interest I hear you say!) and the morality of having lots of children, no children or just a few I thought I'd have a look at the CMF website to see what the Christian Medical fellowship of the UK have to say. Well surprise surprise they can't agree themselves! One article stated … [Read more...]

Work, don't take the credit!

My grandfather once told me that there were two kinds of people: those who do the work and those who take the credit. He told me to try to be in the first group; there was much less competition. --Indira Gandhi taken from The quotations page … [Read more...]

Work- curse or call?

For many of us work seems like a curse and is something that we endure in order to earn money so we can do other things. I am not convinced that should be the case. Can we all get a job we love? I'm not sure but if we are realistic maybe we can get close to being in a job we love. Certainly I am hoping that my own change of direction- starting tomorrow- will prove more 'me' than some of the things I have done up until now. I listened to a tape by Greg Haslam (recorded on 14/4/02) recently … [Read more...]