The truth will out…..

Some people always live for the future for the day when suddenly they will be recognised for what they have always thought themselves to be. The day when they will get a dream job or whatever.I came across a great quote on this subject which adapted reads as follows'Right now you are erecting the platform of credibility for your future. Character and reputation lead to recognition of gifting and ability.' … [Read more...]

A definition of wisdom

A man of wisdom is a man who makes matters better not worse when he gets involved in a situation. (adapted from Joel Nederhood) … [Read more...]

What is leadership?

Leadership is: - knowing what to do next; - knowing why that's important; and - knowing how to bring appropriate resources to bear on the need at hand. - Bobb Biehl … [Read more...]

Are you desperate?

All true spiritual leadership has its root in desperation. - John PiperIt is my assertion that this statement is true not just of spiritual leadership but of the spiritual life. Are you desperate?If not I do not believe you have understood the world in which we live, the evils which we see daily on our TV sets, and most important of all the raging monsters that dwell within us.How often do we feel like we are about to be found out as a fraud? How often do words or actions 'slip out' we … [Read more...]

Bible teacher Derek Prince dies at 88

Two giants of the church have died this week. Names that we are all familiar with are no more. Like Kenneth Hagin Derek Prince was also no stranger to controversy but it is probably right at this stage simply to remember his life and all that was accomplished through it. Where theological differences exist within the church, we are all one and the death of a man like this effects the whole church. … [Read more...]

More on the most powerful smiles in the world

Take a look at 3D Ultrasound pictures of babies in the womb that are making pro-abortionists very angry!Michelle Malkin: The most powerful smiles in the world: "Karpf, Brodie and their deathmates are enraged that Dr. Campbell is so gleefully showing the world that the vibrant life inside a mother's womb is much more than inanimate and disembodied material. How dare anyone suggest that the booming business of 'terminations' is tantamount to mass murder?........ When General Electric began … [Read more...]

Faith healer dies

Kenneth E. Hagin who started preaching at age 17 and grew his congregation into an international ministry, died Friday morning at age 86.His controversial faith teachings affected the church greatly as Christianity Today explains. But our thoughts surely must go to his widow and family. … [Read more...]

Songs of praise with a difference!

Songs Of Praise on BBC 1 gets the newfrontiers treatment on Sunday 5th October. Simon Virgo will be interviewed with comments from Terry and Wendy. The BBC wanted to do a programme featuring 'Prodigals' and Simon agreed to appear on the show to tell his story. This programme may show church in a rather different light to what you have experienced before! … [Read more...]

Doctors shocked by prison sentence

Doctors shocked by prison sentence: Whilst mistakes are inexcusible, it seems to me that this does nothing to entice me back into working for the NHS. I was lucky never to have knowingly directly caused a death whilst working as a doctor. That is not to say I never made mistakes that I nor no one else picked up. I certainly had potential mistakes corrected by pharmacists. I wonder how much sleep this doctor had in the weeks leading up to this tradegy?It is astonishing that systems have not … [Read more...]

Go forth and multiply

After the baby boom of the 1950s, Europe has suffered a baby bust......the European Union years will see in the next half-century an extra 40 million people aged over 60 and an absolute reduction of 40 million in those aged 15-60.Europe will either need mass imigration or an upsurge in children born to cope with its aging population of baby boomers. With four young kids I guess I am doing my part! … [Read more...]