Forgiveness Is Not Nice

For outsiders, the nineteenth-century roots of Mormonism were a happy exploitation of the still-young ideals of a still-new nation that still presumed that some folks are created equal. Nathan O. Hatch has written at length about Mormonism in the 1830’s as an example of the ‘democratization of Christianity’ in the young USA. One of the democratic [Read More…]

Mormons Do Not Just Believe

I’ve seen the Broadway musical twice. I’m on record in The Commercial Appeal, a Memphis newspaper, as quite liking it. Nevertheless, I think the play is wrong when it sings that Mormons “just believe”. Some Mormons do, no doubt. But I’m not ready to accept that “just believing” is an essential characteristic of Mormon identity. [Read More…]

What Will We Lose to Win?

Sometimes, losing is the best strategy for winning.  And ethics be damned.  Radiolab, a podcast I recommend, has happily remediated me on the matter of the Chinese-Korean badminton match in the 2012 OIympic Games in London, which both teams tried very hard, shamefully hard, to lose. Here’s one look at the ‘competition’ in which the [Read More…]

2017 Is the Future

Many of us will file this past year under “death”, for the passing of a platoon of heroes and beloveds, and for the sudden passing of our joy in progress. Taken altogether, the host of remarkables who left us during this most deplorable of years marks the end of a life that we recognized. The [Read More…]

Mormons Stormin’ the Inauguration

The LDS church will send its famed Mormon Tabernacle Choir to perform in the inauguration of a new president, next month. Many Mormons are aghast. Bad enough, they say, that so many LDS-Mormons threw their integrity in the fireplace and voted for this career criminal. Now the LDS church itself wants to contribute, actively, to valorizing [Read More…]

Generation Snowflake

The Intermedia tells us that the young generation, the millennial generation, is comprised of a horde of whining brats whose delicate dispositions and emotional immaturity have been laid bare by the USA’s (re)new(ed) white, male supremacy.  The solid, strong voices of Generation Knows Best decry the tendency it sees in millennials to panic, to shriek, to [Read More…]

Mormon Temple Recommends and LDS Sectarianism

This past weekend I published an op-ed in the Salt Lake Tribune.  The piece garnered much more attention than my opinions generally do.  I even received a few pieces of personally-addressed and remarkably profane email in response.  I won’t say that I don’t experience any sense of gratification at being able to make some people [Read More…]

Utah: A Shining City on a Hill

I was wrong. I wrote just last week that the 2016 election would show, finally, that the USA is not a “Christian Nation”, as Little Prince Pumpkin’s preposterous campaign finally goes down in flames, drawing his callow Evangelical Christian supporters into the fires of hell after him. I grossly underestimated the will of so many [Read More…]

Not a Christian Nation

There’s nothing happy about this year’s Presidential Dolt-Fest.  But one possibility that this electoral disgrace offers is that the Christian Right has tied itself so tightly to its Great Orange Millstone that the November landslide will bury them both so deeply that neither will emerge again except as coal. In that event, we’ll see the [Read More…]

Where to Go? Destinations and Mormon Shame

I’m coming a bit late to the party. I was on an international jaunt during the LDS church’s General Conference at the beginning of October, and didn’t get this iteration of the semi-annual gathering live and first-hand.  So, I got this year’s (un)popular conference sound bites second-hand and after-the-fact. The item on which the Internet [Read More…]