Chick Flicks I Like… but Won’t Admit Publicly

Call me sentimental or even sappy, but I actually enjoy an occasional romance film. The key word here is occasional, probably because Hollywood offers plenty of attempts at love stories… unfortunately, most will just put guys to sleep.

But for those of us who are married, we’ve learned that watching a “chick flick” with our little lady can earn us some bonus points. (Heck, she might even watch Rambo with us later!) So if you have to endure a check flick… might as well make it a good one. Here’s my Top 10 Chick Flicks that Guys will Actually Like!

  1. The Notebook—yeah, this film can make your average iron worker cry through a box of Kleenex
  2. Big Fat Greek Wedding—this film has plenty of humor to carry men through the film
  3. Notting Hill—it’s hard to not like Hugh Grant in this film. And if even if you don’t… you’ll love his roommate
  4. While You Were Sleeping—a great romance providing ample laughs and a fun glimpse into family dysfunction
  5. As Good as It Gets—probably one of Jack Nicholson’s best performances in this awkward yet touching story of unsuspected love
  6. Say Anything—a masterpiece from filmmaker Cameron Crowe providing a humorous look at high school relationships. Probably John Cusack’s most memorable film (you know… him holding the boom box over his head outside her window?)
  7. When Harry Met Sally—Amazing writing, strong performances (Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan), all with Rob Reiner at the helm.
  8. Jerry McGuire—maybe a little too R-rated for some, but an amazing “pro-marriage film” with some of the most quoted lines in movie history (“You complete me,” “You had me at hello,” “Show me the Money”…)
  9. Family Man—if you have children you’ll truly appreciate this surprise from Nick Cage (yeah, he’s actually good in this) and Tea Leoni. I watch this every Christmas.
  10. 10 Things I Hate about You—classic 90’s teen movie that I really wouldn’t want my younger teens watching, but well written, creative, and good performance all around (Heath Ledger, Julie Stiles…)

HONORABLE MENTIONS: 13 Going on 30, P.S. I Love You, Spanglish, Little Manhattan, Fools Rush In, Multiplicity, and Titanic

If you like these films, it doesn’t mean you wear a skirt. It might just mean that you care about your wife… and you have good taste!

What did I miss? Which are your favorite “chick flicks” that won’t put a guy asleep? (yeah, that rules out Gone with the Wind)


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