Breaking the Ice

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Finish the sentence: “When I was in high school, you would have found me…” How would you answer? Every year my board of directors and their spouses gather together for a Christmas dinner. At occasions like this, I love to propose a question everyone answers around the table. Last year I used the one above. [Read More...]

Shaming Your Teenager

We all know that discipline is necessary… but how far is too far? CNN News Video shows just how far two parents were willing to go to try to get their daughter’s attention. Parenting isn’t easy. And when our kids act out in rebellion, parenting can become even more difficult. Disciplining is never the popular [Read More...]

Donut Rules


If you really want to be loved and respected… buy donuts! Donuts are one of the overlooked joys in life! These magical little pastries bring pleasure to almost any occasion. Think about it. Another boring meeting… “Hey, Jim brought donuts!” All of a sudden, the meeting has more life to it. What other food has [Read More...]

Avoiding Hallway Sex


Sex within a marriage carries a certain stigma: boring, redundant… lackluster. Maybe that’s why some women’s magazines and websites actually recommend affairs… to “spice up your marriage,” after all, “life is short.” Do many marriages eventually grow stagnant? Is there truth to this stereotype? How would you describe your sex life? How would your spouse? [Read More...]

Too Sexy Too Soon


No one would argue, Halloween has become an excuse for girls to dress slutty without feeling guilty. The sad fact is… this is starting to trickle down to our daughters. If you don’t believe me, just take a peek at the best selling costumes from the most popular costume retailers. Here’s Party City’s “Top Costumes” [Read More...]

Should We Read Our Teenagers’ Texts

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My 16-year-old daughter traveled with me to Southern California where I taught a parenting workshop earlier this year. Afterwards she was bombarded with parents asking her “teenaged” opinion about some of the guidelines I proposed. One parent asked her candidly: “So do you agree with all your dad’s guidelines?” I had shared a few of [Read More...]

I’m a Judgemental Bastard


Whenever you assume, you make an… well… you know the rest. I don’t like the fact that I sometimes jump to conclusions about people. I guess you could really call that “judging people.” I don’t like doing it, but I do it… way too often. I see someone and I immediately stereotype them in my [Read More...]

What Teen Girls Learn from Seventeen


They say a picture is worth 1,000 words… perhaps so is a magazine cover. In a world where young girls are overwhelmed with pressure to look pretty and try to measure up in so many ways, it’s amazing to me that parents don’t mind their girls digesting this kind of material. Exhibit A: last month’s [Read More...]