Adults Would Rather Not Know


…WHAT GOES ON IN THE DARK Jonathan McKee, Author of Candid Confessions of An Imperfect Parent, shares a sobering peek into a public high school dance. The 16-year-old girl stepped out of the limo, careful to keep her dress from riding up any higher than it already rested on her upper thighs. Clasping her date’s [Read More...]

Shocking Homecoming Dance Song Playlist


It’s times like these that I’d love to have just a moment with the founding fathers of our country and ask then to clarify their intentions about our first amendment rights? Were they referring to the songs that are going to be played at my daughter’s high school homecoming dance this coming Saturday? Because my [Read More...]

An R-rated Movie Your Teenagers Should See

machine gun preacher

I’ve never been one of those parents who uses the PG, PG-13 or R rating as a benchmark for whether a movie is appropriate for my teenagers. Think about it. Would you really hesitate to show your 16-year-old the R-rated Saving Private Ryan? On the other hand… do you really want them watching another PG-13 [Read More...]

I Was Here

Beyonce has a new music video that’s creating a little bit of buzz in the Tweet and blogosphere. The video begins with white words fading onto a black screen: August 19, 2012 World Humanitarian Day One day, one message, one goal. To inspire people all over the world to do something good, no matter how [Read More...]

Recruiting Ain’t Like It Used to Be


5 years ago I claimed that recruiting and managing today’s volunteers “ain’t like it used to be.” I’m sure that any volunteer manager would wholeheartedly agree. At that time, my dad and I co-wrote a book, The New Breed, a nice little tool equipping volunteer managers and coaches to recruit, train, manage… and even fire [Read More...]

Call Me Biased

Call me biased, but I think this YouTube video is hilarious. This video may or may not be made by my daughter and her crazy friend Travis, making fun of LL Cool J’s song from the 80′s, I Need Love. The lip syncing is horrible and it’s dry at parts… but so worth it (my [Read More...]

Talking with Teenagers about Their Music

Parents always tell me, “My kids have those earphones on so I don’t know what they’re listening to.” (I can actually think of several ways to fix that!) Have you tried just talking with them about their music? Today’s young people love music, and if you ever have difficulty getting your teenagers talking… try talking [Read More...]

Laws I’d Love to Break


I’m not a rebel or an anarchist. I understand that most given communities need laws and enforcement of those laws to maintain the peace and freedom within that community. But the fact is… the more industrially and technologically proficient our society becomes, the more ridiculous and unsuitable our laws are becoming! For example, don’t tell [Read More...]