3 FANTASTIC Reasons You’ll Love “Feast For Thieves”


My debut novel, FEAST FOR THIEVES, officially released this week, September 1, 2014, and I wanted to let you know about it in case you hadn’t heard. You’re absolutely gonna love this book! [Read more...]

How to become the best at anything

Don photo

Go hard, go strong, aim for the prize, and win. Here are three key principles to keep in mind on your way to success. [Read more...]

The wisdom of lying on your back, looking up into the sky

Oregon sky 2

We’re always told to be busy, look busy. But I wonder, is that truly the best way to go? [Read more...]

One minute of pure action and fun!


Watch the best video trailer you’ll see all year! [Read more...]

The secret to accomplishing absolutely anything

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Ever heard this old joke: Q: how do you eat an elephant? A: One bite at a time. Well, a principle exists there that can be used a lot of different places. [Read more...]

Learn this phrase: “Long walk, part of gift”


Love someone? Go that extra mile. Do it, do it, do it. The extra mile counts too. [Read more...]

Do you know someone who’s always right? I mean, ALWAYS RIGHT!?


It’s often wisest to give a headstrong person a really wide berth. Just step to the side, and let the other person go his or her crazy way. [Read more...]

The best way to make a big decision

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You’ve got a decision to make. Mull your choices and make it. Here are 5 principles that’ll help. [Read more...]