Learn this phrase: “Long walk, part of gift”


Love someone? Go that extra mile. Do it, do it, do it. The extra mile counts too. [Read more...]

Do you know someone who’s always right? I mean, ALWAYS RIGHT!?


It’s often wisest to give a headstrong person a really wide berth. Just step to the side, and let the other person go his or her crazy way. [Read more...]

The best way to make a big decision

flip coin

You’ve got a decision to make. Mull your choices and make it. Here are 5 principles that’ll help. [Read more...]

The Best Back-of-Napkin Diagram You’ll Ever Encounter

5. Feb 29

Reality is always what to aim for. Problems are seldom catastrophic, but at the same time, you don’t want to be indifferent to them, either. [Read more...]

The secret to finishing any race strong


Anyone can start a race. And anyone can sprint to the finish. The hardest part of the race is something different, something surprising, and it’s what you train for every day. [Read more...]

Numbers matter. So go big, even with a handful.

4. photo for Nov 30

These days it’s easier than ever to locate numbers and quickly see how you stack up. But what do you do when your numbers look bleak? [Read more...]

The Benefits of Failing

poor season

It’s fair to say that many people go through at least one season of financial difficulty sometime in their lives. It’s often part of the ladder-climbing experience when just starting out. Or it occurs between jobs, or is due to an injury or downed economy. If it happens to you, what do you do? [Read more...]

How to be angry without losing your cool

4. angry

The big question is how can we appropriately be angry? When that legitimate emotion of anger arises, what might our responses and actions be? [Read more...]