With all the media coverage of men behaving badly (from Richard Sherman to Justin Bieber), I thought it might be interesting to revisit some of my thoughts on what healthy masculinity looks like.  Certainly these aren’t the only things a man should strive for, but they are probably a pretty good starting point.  They can be found at the end of my book, The Power of a Man.   CONTRACT FOR MEN: I believe that men were created to live… Read more

Do you know what the number one song on the charts is right now? Do you know what kids are gleaning from this song? I always find it fascinating to discover what young people are listening to in their headphones. Sadly, most parents who interact with their kids about their music only ask, “That’s song’s not one of those EXPLICIT songs, right?” In my parent workshops I encourage parents to approach the conversation a different way. After all, that EXPLICIT… Read more

If we judge worshippers by the amount of emotion they manifest, we’ve set up a situation where women will win and men will lose. Read more

Many high school boys are involved in sports programs.  Sports can be a great vehicle to teach young men (and young women) a variety of skills and character traits that will benefit them for a lifetime.  However, in today’s competitive world many young men try to take short cuts to achieve their goals (as modeled by some professional athletes).  Those short cuts includes ingesting performance enhancing drugs and steroids.  Many parents believe their sons would never put anything like that… Read more

Here’s a brand new little YouTube clip where I provide adults with 3 simple tools to “Get Your Teenagers Talking.” (click here if you don’t see the embedded clip) Read more

Porn is part of your son’s everyday life. He sees it every day on television, in movies, and on computers. The pornography industry is working hard to catch your son’s attention and addict him early in life to their product. The porn industry is a $57-billion-a-year rapidly growing industry—over twice that of McDonalds Corporation. They generate more money than CBS, NBC, and ABC combined, and more than the revenues from professional football, basketball, and baseball combined. The porn industry spends… Read more

A cuddly reindeer, a cute little snowman… and “no right, no wrong” morality. That’s the package our kids will receive if they see Disney’s fun new animated film, Frozen. As much as we’d love to feel free to let our kids loose to watch “family films” at their leisure, we might want to think twice about the practice, especially with the morality young people are gleaning from screens (If you don’t know what I’m talking about, rent Happy Feet). No,… Read more

No doctrine makes us more noxious to non-believers than the belief that Christians are the only ones going to heaven. Read more

“Success in marriage does not come merely through finding the right mate, but through being the right mate.”  ~Barnett R. Brickner   Marriage is as much a business partnership as it is romance.  Even though our culture heavily promotes the unrealistic concept that marriage is a 50/50 proposition, it’s important to remember that it’s more about mutual submission to one another’s needs and desires than it is absolute equality.  To have an “absolute equality” mentality creates ongoing disappointment and resentment. … Read more

Who are the role models young people look up to today? Which celebrities are perceived as “do-gooders”? DoSomething.org works with young people around the US providing service opportunities and ways to get involved. They constantly poll their masses of young people asking them which pop stars they look up to and compile an annual list of celebrity “do-gooders” who are making an impact with their acts of generosity. Think Bono and Oprah… right? More like Miley, Bieber and Beyonce… Miley… Read more

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