The Shape and Nature of Energy

Fusilli pasta lying down by Roger Karlsson. Image via

I recently discovered an article on radio waves that really got me thinking (Here is a more scientific article). It’s a fascinating article about how a simple change in shape of the  wavelength changes exactly what we are able to do with the wavelength and the direct effect of those changes. Basically, the article states that by making an adjustment to how the radio waves are transmitted, they are able to stack more of them on top of one another. Instead of a straight transmission, by adding a spiral to the transmission dish they are able to transmit a greater amount of data.  Essentially, they took a straight piece of pasta and spiraled it like a piece of fusilli pasta (pictured above) instead. I thought that this was a simple but ingenious change. And then it hit me!  EUREKA!!  How would a simple change like this effect energy used within the craft?

There are those that say stuff like Science and Paganism are two entities that don’t really mesh well. I am not one of those. I enjoy using the two devices to prove one another. In fact my favorite definition of magic is from The Book of the Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage. It defines magic as “the Science of the Control of the Secret Forces of Nature”. So this idea opened up a lot of doors for me. I am still imagining all of the possibilities of how altering the way I send forth energy in a cone of power, or a how using a spiral candle vs a straight one might effect the potency or out come of my candle magic. Perhaps a group of people could even mimic the experiment in the article and layer cones of power on top of one another and send them in one single, beautiful, transmission of energy and will. I certainly think it is worth the time to experiment!

And while I began to ponder and pontificate about all the various ways I could use this, I began to wonder something else. Spirals and energies are not such a new concept to Paganism. The Fibonacci sequence creates a spiral (also see  golden spiral) by drawing circular arcs connecting the opposite corners of squares in the Fibonacci tiling. This is also similar to spiral of the nautilus shells. One such example is how I was taught to place my altar within the circle when the altar could not be placed in the exact center, say due to a fire pit or maypole. I was taught that we place the altar within the circle in the  same hemisphere as the dominant magnetic pole (North for Northern Hemisphere, South for Southern.) From there we would work out the golden spiral formula to determine the exact placement of the altar (whenever possible).  This way the altar would intersect the golden spiral within the dominant hemisphere.

After this,  I began to wonder what other shapes with in nature might have a significant impact like the spiral on energy work.  One of the things that I thought was interesting is how plant’s leaves grow in the Fibonacci sequence to better be able to grab and utilize the energy of the sun. I began to look for other shapes and stumbled across the torus and the website of the Thrive movement. Their page about fundamental patterns was very similar to many of the diagrams I had seen drawn for the description of energy patterns within ritual.  The section on fractals seems to mirror the hermetic axiom of “As Above, So Below. As Below, So Above.” even.

It makes sense that the torus shows up at every scale, because we seem to live in a fractal universe. “Fractal” means that the same patterns are repeated at all scales, whether you look through a microscope or a telescope. When you look at a small part of a fractal, it has a similar appearance to its full shape. Mountain ranges, river beds, plants and lightning discharges are familiar examples.

To me, nature is a theophanic representation of the divine. It is a very real and physical manifestation of it.  It speaks to us in the language of symbols which we try and interpret through our faith and the natural sciences. I wonder what we will learn if we keep an open mind willing to hear what nature has to say. After all, symbols are the language of our subconscious.







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About Adrian Monogue

(Ash) is a second generation and second degree witch who was raised in a coven who grew up in the Atlanta area of Georgia. He practices a form of syncretic Paganism that draws on practices are based on Alchemy, Astrology, Eastern Philosophy, Jungian Psychology, Kabbalah, Science, Shamanism, and Wicca.

  • tmock

    ” I wonder what we will learn if we keep an open mind willing to hear what nature has to say.”

    Try this…

    The World’s First Sustainable Development Decision Model
    is symbolized as a universal geometrical algorithm that balances and integrates
    the triple-bottom line needs of people, planet and profit into a
    holistic, fractal model that becomes increasingly detailed, guiding
    effective decisions throughout the community planning, financing,
    design, regulating, construction and maintenance processes while always
    enabling project context to drive specific decisions.

    The Fractal Frontier: Sustainable Development Trilogy –

    • Adrian Hawkins

      Thank you for the article!

  • Katz0411


  • Vivianna

    Clearly, I am backed up in my blog reading but….
    I loved this article!  I even read the one on the AMNH site- and I don’t usually go there when reading a reference for the article I am focused on. 

    As a Pagan, I often wonder how the human energy field changes when one uses what we know as energy medicine (reiki, pranic healing, etc.)  As a reiki practitioner, I feel an unexplainable (to the naked eye or rational mind) sense of excitement and peace to think of the implications of the divine patterns that exist everywhere.  I think it’s wonderful to know that at our very essence and core (and everything we build in the physical life/world) we are HARD WIRED to be connected with the unknowable!

    As a generalization, when we teach this connection in pagan classes, we often don’t use science to make the link, instead relying on philosophy, myth, symbols and personal experiences to prove the point or lead the student.  Philosophy, myth, symbols and personal experiences are POWERFUL indicators of that connection.  But nonetheless, when I was a neophyte to the craft and my studies, I often found myself backsliding into old or conventional ways of thinking (e.g. the divine is outside of me, give me a sign if XYZ!, I am alone, maybe guides, angles, all wishful thinking)- that is to say a perpetual state of doubt. 

    In the many years since that beginning, I have made some leaps and connections.  Some of the biggest leaps and connections came after considering programming I watched on the ‘nature of the universe’ (think NOVA on PBS, Carl Sagan, What the Bleep, etc.)  Reading your piece here helped me to understand why the drips and deluges occurred in the pattern they did (and still do!) for me- we are taught from a young age that we need evidence and proof that we can see.  If you can’t see it or replicate it, it isn’t real- don’t count.  Despite all of my training & open mindedness- I don’t think I realized just how DEEPLY ingrained that was in me.  I understood it intellectually, but not experientially.

    Thanks for helping me to uncover a pattern in my life that I can be aware of now as I continue to grow and learn!

    • Adrian Hawkins

      I am glad you enjoyed the article. 

      I find that when the logical mind and the emotional mind work in conjunction with one another we really achieve something great. Sometimes we feel things, sometimes think them, but when we feel & think things is when something truly magical happens. I am huge fan of the Hermetic Laws. One of my favorite happens to be the Law of Polarity.  I feel that both emotional and logical thinking are the poles of the polarity of thought. 
      These poles tend also to correspond to the Hermetic Law of Gender ( everything has a “Mental” gender)  of the masculine and feminine. Paganism often teaches that there is a dual  or polarized nature to the Divine in the form of the Lord and Lady, the God and Goddess, Force and Form, or Energy and Matter. Throughout the ages I think we went from a Belief or Emotional state of thinking (the  Goddess), to a Scientific or Logical state of thinking (the God) and are now entering a period were both types of thinking (The Goddess and the God conjoined) are used and appreciated.  I think this mirror’s Carl Jung’s work on the anima/animus as well. 

      In my own experiences with magic I often find that I feel a thought first (thus creating the form), and then think the thought second (this filling the form with the force). This is especially true of cases of my Gut feeling. I will (often blindly) trust that feeling in that moment and examine the feeling later with thought. 

      On the other hand when I am first presented with a new form or magic or theory on magic I use my logical mind to first deconstruct what I am thinking until it feels right ( in the case of watching the movie “What the Bleep” for example) . I hypothesize that this has to from which direction of manifestation the magic is coming from (The Below or the Above). 

  • Feisty Amazon

    For me it ALL comes down to Energy…that is what makes or breaks a ritual for me. Is the energy high or consistent or is it allowed to falter and almost sputter out or completely uneven because the Priestesses are keeping to a script rather than monitoring the energy. I’ve seen just too many rituals not move energy and thusly not open us to the transformations possible because of the lack of energy and I leave disappointed.

    As a Dyke Witch and DykeAmazon and a Scientist’s daughter..i use both right and left brain techniques. Relying on pure intuition alone can descend into superstition if one has ego involved and is believing wild claims, especially some of the ones the New Age movement makes. I always encourage study and testing results and what WORKS AND what doesn’t in ritual. On the other hand belief in pure rationality and scientism cuts one off from Source and the magical mysteries of life and intuition…which I see in my scientist father. So balancing and bringing together BOTH makes for a much more complete set of knowledge and possibilities. …Personally I’d like to do more with the torus form..and what you say of multiple levels of a Cone of Power sounds fascinating
    .. -FeistyAmazon

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