Pagan Defining Moments

Patheos asked its contributors to write about defining moments in their lives:

As we look back on our lives, there have been specific moments in time that deeply impacted our future. Early in life, we make choices about schools, degrees, jobs and careers that set our future in motion. And then there are Moments where we move from our chosen path… It is in those moments that our future is determined and our faith is tested. Some of us are given remarkable second chances to change the course of our careers and the way we spend our time.

Our contributors share their reflections on the Moments in life that led them to place they are now and the life they now lead.

Enjoy the Pagan responses below, or read responses from elsewhere on the site here.


John Beckett
My Defining Moment
Nimue Brown
Moments in Druidry
Jason Mankey
My Defining Pagan Moment


Profession and Occupation
Jen McConnel
Making Magic Together
P. Sufenas Virius Lupus
One Defining Moment
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