Pagan Tea Time Month Concludes, but the Conversations Go On

Thanks to everyone who made the effort to meet face to face, whether via videochat or in person, during the month of February! I’m happy to say there were so many Pagan Tea Time reports that I wasn’t able to follow them all. Here are a few highlights, however — please feel free to add any I missed in the comments!

Nimue Brown, Druid Thoughts
Pagan Tea Time

Leithin Cluan, Treasure in Barren Places
Pagan Tea Times

John Halstead, The Allergic Pagan
Pagan Tea Time with Rhyd Wildermuth
Pagan Tea Time with Conor O’Bryan Warren
So Sannion, Galina Krasskova, and John Halstead walk into a bar, and the bartender says…

Christine Kraemer, Sermons from the Mound
Building Pagan Intellectual Culture Face to Face
Tea Times with Aine Llewellyn and Rhyd Wildermuth
All the Pagan Tea Times You Can Drink!
Pagan Tea Times with John Halstead and Fritz Muntean

P. Sufenas Virius Lupus, Queer I Stand
Mega-Patheos Pagan Breakfast and/or Beverages Time!

Pagan Families
Pagan Tea Time at Pagan Families

Pauline, Journeying On
Pagan Tea Time: Get Face to Face

Niki Whiting, A Witch’s Ashram
Pagan Chat Time
Pantheacon 2014: Biggest Pagan Tea Time Ever
Pagan Dinner Time

Rhyd Wildermuth, Paganarch
Pagan Tea Time, Part One: John Halstead

Sannion, The House of Vines
Pagan Tea Time Rocks!

I hope that talking in real-time will develop into a habit for more Pagan writers and commenters, and that those conversations will help us really hear each other, as opposed to simply blogging past each other. Cheers!

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