The Agora features Pagan writers from a wide variety of traditions and backgrounds. In addition to regular Agora columns and occasional special features, we also used to provide updates and other information related to the Pagan Channel.  Now, however, our outstanding authors provide us with more than enough content; you can find channel information and other guest posts over at Through the Grapevine.

Current Agora Columns

Book of Blackbirds

photograph of chloé thorne

Chloé Thorne

Chloé Thorne is a CG artist originally from the United States and now living with her husband the alchemist in Sydney, Australia. She is  also a tree­hugging, dirt worshipping, mostly godless Taoist Faerie shamanism ­leaning Hedgewitch with some Zen Buddhist tendencies and a decidedly funny way of looking at things sideways. She has a background in electrical engineering, robotics, computer hardware design and programming, and her main creative passions are making art, playing music, writing, and theatre. Some of her work may be seen at the following sites: Fairyhearts, Pooklings, Creepy Little Girl, and iChloe, among others. Chloé’s column, Book of Blackbirds, is published occasionally on the Agora.  You can subscribe via RSS and e-mail.


The Cartomancer

Camelia Elias

Camelia Elias

Camelia Elias, PhD, Dr.Phil., is a professor, writer, and cartomancer. Her research interests are in esoteric movements, occult and folk practices of reading and producing spiritual texts. She blogs about the cards and magic at Taroflexions, and has recently published a book on divination with the Marseille cards, Marseille Tarot: Towards the Art of Reading. A new book on principles of magic with cards is also due to appear in August 2015.  Her column, Cartomancy, is published on the second and fourth Wednesday of a month.  You can subscribe via RSS or e-mail.


The Crow’s Nest

Rev. Morrigan Odin

Rev. Morrigan Odin

Rev. Morrigan Odin is an Ordained and Licensed Clergyperson in the state of Virginia. She is a Priestess dedicated to The Morrigan and The Allfather, Odin. Her Bachelor’s Degree, obtained by studying at Old Dominion University in Norfolk, VA, is in International Studies.  Residing deep in the Appalachian Mountains, she writes and teaches workshops including Magical Herbalism, The Warrior Path and the Appalachian Granny Tradition. After having served as High Priestess in several covens, she now mentors many of the younger generation in her Pagan Community.  She has been practicing the Craft since the early 90’s, having been trained in both familial and traditional coven settings. She has blended that training into an eclectic path and created the Nirvana Now concept.  Her blog series “How The Morrigan Claimed Me” has been featured on the Call of The Morrigan community blog.  Morrigan Odin also blogs regularly at The Morrigan’s Nest and The Truth.  You can subscribe to the Crow’s Nest by RSS and e-mail.


Full Frontal Magic

Andrieh Vitimus

Andrieh Vitimus

Andrieh Vitimus is the author of the modern magical classic Hands on Chaos Magic: Reality Manipulation Through the Ovayki Current. He is also published in Magick on the Edge Anthology, the Manifesting Prosperity Anthology, Devoted, The Pop Culture Anthology, the Best of Konton Magazine Anthology, Pillars Anthology, the Anthology of Sorcery: Revelations and more.

Andrieh is a Priest, Houngan Asogwe, in Haitian Vodou, Usui and Karuna Reiki Master Teacher, an avid fan of Gigong, martial artist, NLP practitioner and licensed hypnotherapist.  Currently, Vitimus is faculty at Peter Carroll’s Arcanorium College as well as the host of the successful international radio show, Deeper down the Rabbit Hole (  and has taught at conventions across the world.

When not talking about magic, Andrieh focuses on business coaching, project management and wealth building. He loves old school industrial and punk music, good coffee and good conversation. Andrieh has studied many forms of operational magic for over 20 years (African, Eastern and Western) and unapologetically calls himself an occultist.

Full Frontal Magic will be posted on the twice a month on the first and third Sundays.  You can subscribe via RSS and by e-mail.


Lamp & Labyrinth

photograph of chris godwin

Chris Godwin

Chris Godwin is Senior Druid of HearthStone Grove, ADF in Austin TX. He was a student of several paths and traditions before finding his spiritual home in Indo-European reconstructionism in 1999. Chris is a local volunteer in the area as well as host and cohost of over 60 events per year in the local Austin Pagan community. Chris is also the local coordinator for Austin Pagan Pride Day. His award winning service to the community has been recognized on the national level by the Archdruid of ADF for interfaith work and for excellence in liturgy. Chris co-founded the now defunct Houston grove, Live Oaks ADF, in 2003, and served as head organizer of that grove from 2008 to 2010. Though undergoing clergy courses, he currently is working on developing new Indo-European specific magic and mysticism practices. Chris focuses on increasing practical solutions in realising a mainstream public paganism. Lamp & Labyrinth is published twice a month on Wednesdays; you can subscribe by RSS or e-mail.


Star Made Witch

Sara Star

Sara Star

Sara Star is a Traditional Witch, animist, artist and writer. Sara has a long history in natural mysticism stemming from her family’s metaphysical and environmentalist background. She is a priestess in Nigheanan Brìghde a Brighid flame tending sisterhood and a member of Silver Star Circle fairy faith coven in Washington. She teaches workshops on brewing potions, witchcraft, fairy faith, magic, and sacred art. Sara’s art has appeared in several of anthologies on women’s art, poetry and spirituality including Voice Catcher and the cover for the upcoming novelby CB Doyle. Sara mentors students in traditional witchcraft at Sara blogs regularly as Spiritscraft on TumblrStar Made Witch is published on the second and fourth Monday of every month.  You can subscribe via RSS or by e-mail.


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