5 Things I Learned from Sesame Street that Might Help Washington

Working Together By Catherine Lukas

I was born a year after Sesame Street’s release and was pretty much raised on the television show. This was before the Elmo, and all of that controversy. And it was before Bert and Ernie accusations of being homosexual and instead they were thought of as just best friends and nothing more, nothing less. Sesame Street was merely a teaching tool for kids. It was wholesome and I adored it. I also learned several things at the age of three that those in Washington need to be reminded of. So let’s break it down Sesame Street style, shall we?

Respect Others – You won’t always see eye to eye with everyone. We are all raised with different values and ethics and as much as you may think your way is the right way, you have to take in account every way with some sort of respect

Tantrums Solve Nothing – Absolutely nothing is accomplished with stomping your feet, walking away and looking like a fool.

Listen – When you actually listen to what others say and stop talking about useless things, you have a better understanding of how to better deal with issues.

Clean Up – When you make a mess, you clean it up and you don’t point fingers and blame others. If someone else made the mess, be the bigger person and start the clean up instead of whining.

Be Honest – Lies don’t make you look smarter, they make others stop trusting you.

So, Washington, as you shut down, maybe turn on your television and watch an episode of Sesame Street because I bet you will receive more advice from that one hour than you’ve received in years from so-called college educated intellects. Let’s get back to the basics, Washington, and stop making the American people so embarrassed to be called American people.



About Kristy Robinett (Livonia, MI) is a professional psychic medium. In addition to giving readings and teaching workshops, she uses her psychic skills to assist with police investigations. Kristy lectures across the country and has appeared on Fox NewsABC News, and Coast to Coast. She is the author of Messenger Between Worlds, Higher Intuitions OracleGhosts of Southeast Michigan and Michigan’s Haunted Legends and Lore. Visit her online at KristyRobinett.com.

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