Small Business Saturday Gratitude

Small Business Saturday Gratitude November 25, 2017
kristy robinettI was once told I wasn’t smart enough to have my own business. My Scorpio personality is one to not fret over what someone thinks I can’t do, and instead show them how wrong they are.

Being a small business owner doesn’t come without fears. It comes with lots, along with  long hours, no 401K, or life insurance, and absolutely no sick, vacation, or personal days. It also means that you’re strapped to a laptop while catching up on the DVR and on your phone while trying not to burn dinner. Despite all that, I’m very grateful. It couldn’t come without all of the amazing support throughout the year.  Whether it’s a hug at a library event, allowing me to contact your loved one on the other side, or sitting in the dark speaking to the other side at a ghost hunt – I’m so thankful that I did more than showed that person how capable I was of being a small business owner, I fell in love with what I do. I don’t get a Christmas bonus or a water cooler talk, but I get more – I get all of you. Thank you!

As my thanks I’ve discounted several events $10 off (just for today only), have added some mini sessions, and have a small gallery reading normally $120 for $90 (only good for today only right here). I also see that Amazon has discounted my books (and they make great stocking stuffers – right here).

Thank you again for all the love! I’m so thankful! I believe in you.
KristyLibrary (1)Believe,
Kristy Robinett
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