My Spiritual Bucket List

In no particular order:

1.  Participate in the Edinburgh Beltane Fire Society celebration.

Beltane Fire Soc

2.  Make offerings at the statue of Isis at the Herbert Hoover National Park in Iowa (exit 254 on Interstate 80).

Statue of Isis

3.   Celebrate the Hindu Holi festival of colors in Spanish Fork, Utah.

Hindu Holi Festival

4.  Attend the Minnesota Renaissance Festival.

Minnesota Renaissance Festival

5.  Attend Reclaiming’s Spiral Dance ritual in San Francisco at Samhain.  [Another link]

Reclaiming Spiral Dance

6.   See tomb of Tuthmosis III in Egypt (KV34), which contains the Amduat mural.

Tomb of Tuthmosis III

8.  Find and give offerings to the Michael Chemiakin Cybele statue formerly erected in SoHo, New York.

7.  Attend NROOGD‘s fall equinox Eleusinian ritual.

8.  Attend a Toteg Tribe meeting, Mountain Shadows Tribe in Salt Lake City, Utah.

9.  Attend the St. Louis Pagan Picnic.

10.  Attend Pantheacon.

11.  Attend Starwood Festival at Wisteria in Ohio, and compare to Pagan Spirit Gathering.

12.  Attend a Voudun ritual.

13.  Hold a dumb supper.

14.  Attend the Beth Or Reform Jewish congregation in Chicago.

15.  Attend Gaia Community Unitarian Universalist Congregation in Iowa.

16.  Attend ritual with Steve Posch‘s ritual group.


17.  See Sargent Murals at Boston Public Library.

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  • Didn’t know about the Isis statue at Hoover park. Thanks.

    If you ever make it up this way for the Renaissance Festival, I can provide some hospitality!