Ritual during times of illness

I‘m sick.  It’s my biannual, post-allergy season cold.  The hard stuff last about 2 or 3 days, and then I have a week of messy aftereffects.  I can recognize the signs much more quickly now.  It seems appropriate that I would come down with this about a month after starting the Allergic Pagan blog.

When I get sick, I try to remind myself that this is Nature reminding me of the down cycle.  Time to tuck my head under the covers and wallow in the darkness.

What I really need though is a ritual for these times.  Not a ritual of healing.  A ritual of integration and acceptance.  A ritual that will help me get through, not over, my illness.  I just looked in a book I have How to Bury a Goldfish which has rituals ideas (not very good ones) for lots of occasions, but there is nothing about rituals during times of illness.

Maybe I’ll just make myself a cup of tea.

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