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My Fivefold Path

Over at Humanistic Paganism, “NaturalPantheist” recently shared his fourfold path for naturalists, summarized below: Path of Earth:  Connection Path of Fire:  Celebration Path of Air:  Mysticism Path of Water:  Education He includes specific suggestions for practices that fall into each category.  I have always enjoyed these kinds of systematizations of spiritual practices. Early on in [Read More…]

“One Needful Thing”, Part 2: UUism and the Transformative Experience

In Part 1, I traced the development of Unitarianism since the early 19th century to the present and argued that UUism has, since its inception, been characterized by what William Channing called a “too partial culture of the mind.”  I hinted that the “one needful thing” for UUism is enthusiasmos or personal abandonment, which I [Read More…]

A Mormon therapist takes on masturbation

I typically do not blog here about exclusively Mormon issues.  When I do bring up my history with Mormonism or my interactions with Mormons now (through my family) on this blog, I relate it to my Paganism.  However, I recently read a post on the Mormon Therapist blog at Patheos about mastrubation and I have [Read More…]

Who are we talking to anyway?: Humanistic Paganism and the gods

Over at The Wild Hunt, Brendan Myers has posted a guest article about whether Humanist Paganism is on the rise.  It has stirred up some controversy in the comments section. Old Gods and New Orthodoxy What was most interesting to me were the comments of several polytheists that Paganism and atheism are incompatible because Paganism [Read More…]

Pike’s Peak

This past week, I took a trip to Denver for work, and when I was done I drove up to Pike’s Peak.  As is often the case when I travel to a different environment, I felt disoriented and out of place.  That was until I drove out of the city and headed up into the [Read More…]

An infant dedication and second thoughts on Unitarian Universalism

Last week, I went to town on the excessive rationalism and the lack of “poetic enthusiasm” (William Ellery Channing) in the Unitarian Universalist church.  But as I sat in the service this past Sunday, I felt that I had been unfairly harsh last week. For the past year, we have had a young interim minister [Read More…]