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“Against stupidity, the gods themselves contend in vain.” — Friedrich Schiller

Controversy has broken loose on the Pagan blogosphere again.  This time over the suggestion that pop culture icons, like comic book superheroes, are equivalent to polytheistic deities.  It began on May 13th with a post by Sunweaver at Patheos titled “Making Light: Hero Worship” in which she compares contemporary superheroes to ancient Hellenic heroes and [Read More…]

“We are opening ourselves up to things we should not, like belly dancing and magic spells”

The quote above comes from one of a long line of speakers at the Pahokee city council meeting addressing (largely conservative Christian) public outrage at a planned Pagan summer solstice festival. You can read the article here. Lots of memorable quotes, but the one above was my favorite. I actually find it a little disheartening [Read More…]

Paganism’s Real Shadow Gods

Check out my two new posts at PaganSquare about some archetypes that might constitute Paganism’s shadow side: In Part 1 about the Eternal Victim and the Terrible Mother, I talk about the victim mentality in contemporary Paganism and question whether, in spite of all of our talk about the death aspects of the gods, we [Read More…]

“Sound’s like Daddy’s at church.”: American Pieism

“Sound’s like Daddy’s at church.”  That’s what my daughter told my wife this morning when she heard me singing (loudly) to Don McLean’s American Pie in the shower this morning. Yesterday my daughter was playing American Pie on Guitar Hero and she was complaining that it is 8 minutes long, much longer than the average [Read More…]

M is for Masturbation

Lucy: “Where are you?” Devil/Dad: I’m at my dildo factory. Lucy: You have a dildo factory? Devil/Dad: Of course, Sinsperations. Lucy: I love Sinsperations! I mailed a letter with recommendations! Devil/Dad: Whoa! Daddy doesn’t want to hear about baby’s ideas on dildos. … Lucy: I’m a big masturbator. I can come there and do product [Read More…]

A Christian Take on Contemporary Paganism

I was extremely gratified to read Paul Louis Metzger’s recent post about contemporary Paganism at Patheos, entitled “Idol Makers”. Metzger succinctly, but accurately (in my opinion), tackles such issues as the Pagan materiality (i.e., idolatry), the spectrum of beliefs about the ontological nature of divinity, and the gendering of divinity.  Addressing himself to fellow Christians, [Read More…]