A Radical Pagan Pope?

While the Pope comes to many right conclusions about anthropogenic climate change and the limits of capitalism, his environmental encyclical is nevertheless plagued by a lingering anthropocentrism which he never manages to root out. [Read more…]

Eco-Consciousness and Collective Environmental Action: An Interview by Amy Blackthorn from the Sunday Stew

[Note: It was initially represented to me by Amy Blackthorn that the Sunday Stew had declined to publish this interview because I missed the deadline. Since then, the editor of the Sunday Stew, Kallan Kennedy, has advised me that she declined to publish the interview because of a post I wrote here at The Allergic Pagan. I’m [Read More…]

How Hobbits celebrate the Summer Solstice: Raising the Shire

When we light our solstice fire, I will be thinking of shadows. I will be thinking of ruined landscapes. I will be thinking of Hobbits. Little people who took up farm tools and kitchen implements and drove out the shadow of desolation from their homes. [Read more…]

12 Things Pagans Should Know About the Pope’s Environmental Encyclical

Yesterday, the Pope’s historic environmental encyclical was published. The document is almost 200 pages long, which means that most of us won’t read it, at least not all of it. So here are 12 things Pagans should know about the Pope’s environmental encyclical. [Read more…]

Where would we be without Wicca? (Part 2)

Without Wicca — and with the influence of esostericism thorough Wicca — Neo-Paganism might outwardly look somewhat different, especially to those of us who came to Neo-Paganism through Wicca or who practice a Wiccanate form of Paganism. But in spite of these differences, there would still be a vibrant and growing Neo-Pagan community, with unique ritual forms and a profound theology — even if Gerald Gardner had never become a witch. [Read more…]

Where would we be without Wicca? (Part 1)

While Gerald Gardner’s influence on Neo-Paganism was profound, I think there is good reason to believe that Neo-Paganism would have developed more or less along the same lines without him. In order to reach that conclusion, though, we have to take a look at what other influences led to the Neo-Pagan revival. [Read more…]