Descensus Averni Day 4: Ego Death

So I am wondering now what the purpose of my Descensus Averni ritual is.  I am not experiencing any altered states of consciousness during the ritual.  Of course, I didn’t the first time, years ago, either. I came across this quote by Joseph Campbell in his Masks of God: Primitive Mythology: “When the will of [Read More...]

Descensus Averni Day 3: Tarot

I drew a 5-card Tarot spread on the first night of this ritual, using the Vertigo Tarot.  I only use the major arcana and I cast them in a five card cross pattern: the left arm is the past, the center is the present, and the right art is the future.  The top arm represents [Read More...]

Descensus Averni Day 2: Palingenesis

Seek not, my soul, the life of the immortals; but enjoy to the full the resources that are within thy reach. — Pindar Last night, before I did my ritual, I felt strongly compelled to watch Darren Aronofsky’s movie, “The Fountain”, again.  It’s my favorite movie and is almost a religious experience for me to [Read More...]

Descensus Averni Day 1: Gospel of Eve

I did not actually begin fasting until today, but this morning I woke up with a very clear flash of a quote from the Gospel of Eve, quoted by Joesph Campbell in The Hero With a Thousand Faces: “I stood on a loftly mountain and saw a gigantic man and another a dwarf; and I [Read More...]

Descensus Averni Ritual

This time of the year is about climaxes for me.  It is the hottest time of the year here (on average).  The sun is still bright and the days long.  But it won’t last forever, of course.  So I have an idea for a personal ritual which I am going to call a “Descensus Averni” [Read More...]

Spiritual Mania

Okay, I have to tell you.  I am going crazy.  Since I started this blog, I have been trying to keep myself from blogging several times a day.  I’m trying to space out my posts, so I don’t get burnt out and then ignore the blog for months like so many I see out there.  [Read More...]

The New Name: The Allergic Pagan

Originally posted on August 2, 2011 by John Halstead I’ve decided to rename my blog.  For one thing, the name Temple of the Earth Mother is a bit pretentious.  I’ll be keeping the same URL though.  And I’ll post another day about the reason why originally I chose to name the blog that. I’ve decided [Read More...]

Janet and Gavin Bone, Part 3: Ritual that doesn’t connect

Originally posted on August 1, 2011 by John Halstead Let me begin by saying that the ritual was not terrible.  But it wasn’t great either.  There was no connection … no juice.  Now the girl swaying next to me, in apparently orgasmic ecstasy at the mere presence of Janet and Gavin, would probably disagree (especially [Read More...]

Janet and Gavin, Part 2: Pagan Spirituality

Originally posted on July 30, 2011 by John Halstead Well, I had a wonderful evening listening to Janet Farrar and Gavin Bone talk at the book signing.  There I heard about an open Lughnasadh ritual scheduled for the following evening in Oswega, IL, that Janet and Gavin would be attending, so I went to that [Read More...]

Janet Farrar and Gavin Bone

Originally posted on July 28, 2011 by John Halstead Tonight I am going to a Meetup with Janet Farrar and Gavin Bone at the Occult Bookstore in Chicago.  They are going to talk about their book, Progressive Witchcraft, and do a book signing.  The Farrars (Janet and Stewart) are important to me because of their [Read More...]