You Can Be a Good Athenian and a Gadfly

Sometimes it is only the most loyal of patriots who criticize their country. I think it is possible to be a good Athenian and a gadfly, and to be a good Pagan and a critic of Paganism. [Read more…]

Why I Am “Still” A Pagan: the Problem and the Promise

In spite of the uncritical attitudes and superstitious ideas that haunt a lot of Paganism, I still call myself a Pagan. I am still a Pagan because I believe that Paganism has the potential to bring together the wisdom of our animistic forebearers and the discoveries of contemporary science in a way that has the power to reenchant the world. [Read more…]

Why I’m Boycotting Lughnasadh

This weekend, I suggest we forget everything we think we know about Lughnasadh or Lammas. Instead of treading that well-worn path, let’s forget about Celtic myths from long ago and the agricultural customs of 18th century English peasants. Forget even the words “Lughnasadh” or “Lammas”. Instead, go outside. Look. Listen. Breathe in and breathe out. Bend down and touch the earth. And then ask what the world is telling you. [Read more…]

Global Eco-Paganism: Philippines

“I pray that everyone could sign the Statement because it is not only us who will benefit from it but also for our future generations. As Peace Weavers, we act now, even though we might not see the fruit of our labor in this present lifetime. We have a firm faith that in the next lifetime we will achieve what we have planted in this present generation.” [Read more…]

Global Eco-Paganism: South Korea

This is the sixth in a series spotlighting some of the signatories to A Pagan Community Statement on the Environment. Today, we are sharing an interview with Venus from South Korea. If you would like to be interviewed for the Global Eco-Paganism Series, contact me at allergicpagan [at] gmail [dot] com. And don’t forget to [Read More…]

Beyond Female Role Models: The Triple Goddess as Nature

The Triple Goddess was not intended to be a role model for women. Rather, she represents Nature. And the relationship between the Triple Goddess and us reflects our relationship with Nature. To us, she is Mother, Lover, and ultimately, Slayer. We are her children, all of us, male and female. And we are, all of us, also her lovers and victims. [Read more…]