“10,000 Pagans Raise Their Voices For Environmental Action”: Help make this a reality

Help us get 10,000 signatures for “A Pagan Community Statement on the Environment” by Summer Solstice this year (June 21) when the Pope’s environmental encyclical will be published. [Read more…]

More than BNPs: Who has signed “A Pagan Community Statement on the Environment”?

Even more than “Big Name Pagans” like Starhawk, I am excited to see the nearly 2000 other signatories of “A Pagan Community Statement on the Environment”. These are Pagans who share a deep concern for the Earth and feel a religious responsibility to help transform our relationship with the more-than-human world. As cool as it is that Starhawk is number 812, I wondered who the people were who were numbers 811 and 813. So I reached out to them and they graciously granted me short interviews. [Read more…]

Ha, Jon Stewart! Pagans can organize!

I’ve heard “herding cats” analogies more times than I care to count, but the fact is that we can organize. We don’t need to all be of one mind or agreeing on every point in order to speak in harmony. Just as we attune ourselves to nature and the cycles of the Earth, we can “attune” to one another, temporarily setting aside our egos and prioritizing our individual disagreements, when a collective voice is urgently needed, as it is now. And “A Pagan Community Statement on the Environment” is proof of that. [Read more…]

“It Gets Better”: We need to make it better now!

We are not doing enough and we are not moving fast enough to save these kids. We need to protect our children. We need more proactive about creating safe and loving environments for our LGBT kids. [Read more…]

Happy Month of “Yes You May”!

To me, there has always been something a little naughty about May in general. Maybe it’s the vestigial memory of the free love of “greenwood marriages”. Maybe it’s because it’s National Masturbation Month. Or maybe it’s because my love for the 1967 film adaptation of “Camelot” in which Vanessa Redgrave sings, “The Lusty Month of May”. Whatever the reason, this Beltane, I wish you “tons of wicked little thoughts” and “divine mistakes”.
[Read more…]

Arbor Day: Earth Day for Procrastinators

If Earth Day snuck up on you or passed you by (it was Wednesday), don’t feel bad. It happens to a lot of people, even people who care deeply about the environment. If this is you, not to worry, because today is Arbor Day. It’s like Earth Day for procrastinators. Here are five things you can do today if you missed Earth Day. [Read more…]