Descensus Averni Day 7: Fizzle

Well, my 7 day ritual ended with a fizzle.  The practical demands of modern living came crashing into my religious intentions.  Yesterday, our fridge went out and I had to cook about 6 meals to save the food.  I decided that Fate wanted me to feast and not fast.  Moving food into ice, buying a [Read More...]

Descensus Averni Day 6: Sacrifice

Today is Day 6 of my Descensus Averni ritual. I have to admit, I passed out last night without doing the ritual. I think fasting and then gorging myself afterwards took its toll on me. I have debated whether to break my fast before or after the ritual.  I’m not sure which would be more [Read More...]

Descensus Averni Day 5: Prayer

Last night I poured out my heart in prayer to the Goddess.  I’ve been Pagan for seven years, and I have never really prayed like that.  I have offered rote prayers, poetic prayers, but I have never just talked to Her.  I told her that I was uncertain about the purpose of what I was [Read More...]

ADF Lughnasadh Ritual

I mentioned earlier that I attended my first ADF ritual about a week ago. After the disappointment of the Wiccan ritual with Janet Stewart and Gavin Bone, the ADF ritual was a relief. As I understand, the ADF ritual was kind of a mess compared to their usual rites. A storm forced them to move [Read More...]

Family Mid-Summer Ritual

I led my family in a Mid-Summer ritual this past Saturday.  It went off well, except for a brief rainstorm that delayed the culminating fire sacrifice, and a little bit of irreverence from my youngest during the reverent part of the event. The Prelude was the chant “Force of Nature” by Thorn Coyle and Sharon [Read More...]

Descensus Averni Day 4: Ego Death

So I am wondering now what the purpose of my Descensus Averni ritual is.  I am not experiencing any altered states of consciousness during the ritual.  Of course, I didn’t the first time, years ago, either. I came across this quote by Joseph Campbell in his Masks of God: Primitive Mythology: “When the will of [Read More...]