Treacherous parodies of freedom, joy, and fulfillment

A few weeks ago, my daughter heard an ad on the radio for an audition to a Disney television show while we were driving to her gymnastics class.  She convinced me to call in and we made an appointment for an audition.  So last night I took my daughter to the “audition”.  Naturally, it turned [Read More...]

Why I Don’t Dig the Buddha

I don’t dig the Buddha.  I’m really outing myself here, because, if there is one thing that the humanist religious community can agree on, it’s that Buddhism is cool.  Even the non-Buddhists think so.  It is just not fashionable to dislike Buddhism. Today, in our Spirit Circle discussion group at my UU church, we watched [Read More...]

Memorial for Nibbles

So we decided to give the kids bunnies for Christmas.  They went to the store to pick them out for themselves and chose two cute dwarf bunnies, one white with brown spots, which my daughter named “Nibbles” (because it bit her right away), and one white with black spots, which my son named “Romeo”.  (Romeo [Read More...]

Pantheacon 2012

I’m excited about Pantheacon 2012.  This will be my first Pantheacon and only my second big Pagan event.  Presenters include Oberon Zell-Ravenheart, Patrick McCollum, T. Thorn Coyle, Gus DiZerega, Margot Adler, Christopher Penczak, Diana Paxson, Don Frew, and Z. Budapest, Sarah Iles Johnston, Sabina Magliocco, M. Macha NightMare, Starhawk, and more.  It will be cool [Read More...]

My Son Confronts Existential Despair

Yesterday, I initiated a conversation with my 13 year-old son about what he believes happens after death and why evil exists in the world. Let me preface this by explaining why.this is not an unusual conversation for us.  I haven’t written much here about my kids yet.  Today, I’m going to tell you a little [Read More...]

Finding Joe

Finding Joe, the movie You should really check out this movie: Finding Joe.  It is about Joseph Campbell’s monomyth or “Journey of the Hero” as they call it in the movie.  I bought it and didn’t regret it.  It presents the monomyth in terms that a layperson unfamiliar with Campbell can understand.  If you’re looking [Read More...]