Mea Culpa

Much wiser and cooler heads than mine have pointed out that my last post was fanning the flames.  I had hoped to call certain parties to account for behavior I considered reproachable.  But seriously, who do I think I am?  In addition, my response could itself be construed as a personal attack.  Worse, it could [Read More…]

“We have met the enemy and he is us.” — Pogo (Revised)

I’d hammer out danger I’d hammer out a warning I’d hammer out love between my brothers and my sisters All over this land — “If I Had a Hammer (The Hammer Song)” by Lee Hays and Pete Seeger Two things that I have learned in the latest Pagan-polytheist brouhaha over “pop culture Paganism” are: 1. [Read More…]

Time out for a Big Thank You!

The is my 250th post and I am celebrating!  As I approach the second year anniversary of this blog in August, this blog had its busiest days ever in response to my posts “Against stupidity, the gods themselves contend in vain.” and “Hearing voices or talking to ourselves” with over 650 *views* and over 350 [Read More…]

Hearing voices or talking to ourselves?

All revelations are personal. That’s why all revelations are suspect. — Neil Gaiman, American Gods In my last post, I reviewed some of the recent controversy over the issue of so-called pop culture Paganism, and tried to make sense of the varying perspectives of those participating in the debate. I concluded that post by observing [Read More…]

“Against stupidity, the gods themselves contend in vain.” — Friedrich Schiller

Controversy has broken loose on the Pagan blogosphere again.  This time over the suggestion that pop culture icons, like comic book superheroes, are equivalent to polytheistic deities.  It began on May 13th with a post by Sunweaver at Patheos titled “Making Light: Hero Worship” in which she compares contemporary superheroes to ancient Hellenic heroes and [Read More…]

“We are opening ourselves up to things we should not, like belly dancing and magic spells”

The quote above comes from one of a long line of speakers at the Pahokee city council meeting addressing (largely conservative Christian) public outrage at a planned Pagan summer solstice festival. You can read the article here. Lots of memorable quotes, but the one above was my favorite. I actually find it a little disheartening [Read More…]