Politics: A Muslim candidate’s unconventional strategy

In a video for Time Magazine, filmmaker Bassam Tariq chronicles the final days of the campaign for Mujib Rahman, Republican candidate for New York’s City Council, District 25. Rahman, a Bangladeshi immigrant, campaigned against his opponent, Daniel Dromm, by charging that he had a gay agenda, a stance that Dromm found ironic. “Imagine if I said that Mujib was promoting a Muslim agenda?” says Dromm. “What is a Muslim agenda? There is no Muslim agenda. Muslim people want the same thing as everybody else.”

On Election Day, November 3rd, Rahman lost by nearly three votes to one.

Bassam Tariq is a New York-based writer and filmmaker. Along with Aman Ali, he is the creator of the 30 Mosques, 30 Days project, which documented the month of Ramadan as seen in 30 of New York City’s mosques.

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