The Muslims are Coming, and Pamela Gellar Isn’t Happy (Surprised?)

By Sheila Musaji

In 2009, Dean Obeidallah wrote The Muslims Are Coming! in which he talked about an early Muslims Are Coming efforts:

… In an effort to speed up the Muslim take over of America—which on some level would probably help my comedy career because I’ll get even more bookings by Muslim groups—my fellow Arab-American comedians Aron Kader and Maysoon Zayid went out to the streets of NYC with me to see if we could recruit Americans to Islam. (We did this a little while back when we first heard this allegation.) We offered prizes to people to convert to Islam, such as a toaster, a blender and even Sudoku. Here is a clip of our efforts to convert Americans! …

By 2011, this initial skit had become the Muslims Are Coming comedy tour which Dean Obeidallah wrote about in the article America, how can Muslim-Americans reach non-Muslims?.  You can see Dean Obeidallah’s Tedx talk about the comedy tour here

And during the comedy tour, Dean Obeidallah and Negin Farsad began working on making a documentary film based on the comedy tour.  In 2011, Obeidallah requested an interview with Robert Spencer to be included in this The Muslims Are Coming documentary film, and Spencer turned this into a “prove to me you’re not a radical Muslim test.”  I laid out the whole saga in the article The Muslim comedian and the Islamophobe:  A funny thing happened on the way to the interview.  That article includes Spencer’s 1,000 word plus questionnaire requiring an answer before he would consider being interviewed by Obeidallah, and my answers to those questions.  The bottom line is that Spencer didn’t agree to the interview.

Obeidallah and Farsad created a Facebook page and ran a Kickstarter donation compaign to get the funds to complete the film project.

Now, in 2013, the film is complete, and is set to be released in theaters on September 12th.  This documentary film is co-directed by Farsad and Obeidallah.  You can see the trailer below.

Patrick Gavin published an article about this film titled Film tackles Islamophobia with humor.  He noted that “The film tracks a group of Muslim-American stand-ups as they performed in the Muslims are Coming Comedy Tour across the country and tackle people’s stereotypes.  The film also features cameos by Jon Stewart, David Cross, Janeane Garofalo, Colin Quinn, Lewis Black and Aasif Mandvi.”

Pamela Geller doesn’t find this funny.  She has just written Cultural Jihad: Hollywood Documentary to Mock ‘Islamophobes’.  Here are just a few of her objections to this Muslim comedy:

 “… We aren’t even allowed to discuss Islam and the doctrine of jihad in the mainstream media, but ‘Islamophobia’ is a matter for comedy?  …  So the new cultural jihad is to make it cool and happening and now to make fun of the people who do talk about it at risk of their reputations and livelihoods and personal safety.  …  The Hollywood hordes who have signed on for this film have no intellectual depth, but fighting against ‘Islamophobia’ is perceived to be politically correct and chi chi, and that’s all they need.  …  Meanwhile, anti-jihad activists can’t get movies made. … “

Yes, Geller is right this is a jihad, in the sense that mainstream, traditional Muslims understand jihad — not in the sense that Islamophobes and the Muslim lunatic fringe distort the term.  It is a comedy jihad.  A jihad for truth, justice, and the American way.

I for one am going to buy a ticket and have a good laugh at the idiocy of Islamophobes like Geller and Spencer and the rest of the Islamophobia echo chamber. Click here to learn more about this film and if it is screening near you.

Sheila Musaji is the editor and founder of The American Muslim, where this article was originally published.

  • Benir Koran’ache

    nice one! (lol)

  • Giacomo Carmody

    Every move against ignorance is a win in my book. Especially in such a humorous way xD

    • RockyMissouri


  • Devon

    Its called self preservation…and the West is slowly waking up to the danger of Islamic brutality! All your moral relativism and lies cannot deny reality!

    • RockyMissouri


      • Devon

        Brilliant comeback from a moral relativising idiot!

        • RockyMissouri


  • winslow

    Why is it we never hear these peaceful, oh,so funny Muslims speak out against their savage, murderous brothers? If they lived in a majority Muslim country, would they be cheering them on like their brothers?

    • Guest

      Simple: because no man should bear the burden of another man’s sin (never mind that Muslims in the West actually do condemn terrorism).

      Regardless, I don’t expect a Muslim to condemn terrorism anymore than I’d expect a westerner to condemn Anglo-American terrorism (you know, finance corrupt regimes, invade countries, occupy them, bomb them, ignore their sovereignty).

      • JoFro

        You’ve obviously never met a white bleeding heart liberal then, have you? They no nothing but apologise for whitey’s past and heap self-hate on their race!

        • RockyMissouri

          What a revealing and hugely ignorant thing to say…!!

      • RockyMissouri

        If we cannot condemn the terrorism by ANY nation…and speak out about it, then what is our purpose……..?? Especially if it involves my OWN nation perpetrating these terrible things…..

  • JoFro

    “Geller is right this is a jihad, in the sense that mainstream, traditional Muslims understand jihad — not in the sense that Islamophobes and the Muslim lunatic fringe distort the term”

    Lunatic fringe? Fringe? Seriously? Around 25% of Muslims in the UK are quite clear about what they mean by jihad and what they understand jihad to be. The Islamic prophet himself seemed to know exactly what jihad meant. Over 50% of the population of nearly every Islamic country are quite clear what jihad means!

    The only people who seem to understand jihad as not meaning “warfare against the infidels” seem to be liberal Muslims who make excuses for the behaviour of their fellow Muslims and scream “Islamophobia”!

    • RockyMissouri

      Geller is a disgusting human being. And a thoroughly vulgar one…as well.

      • JoFro

        She may be absolutely disgusting and thoroughly vulgar! Your point being what? Is she wrong or right about how the majority of the Muslim world, include the top clerics, define jihad? I don’t care about her alleged disgusting character and vulgarity!