San Bernardino: When Circles Converge in Violence

By Alan Howard America today is grieving. Two mass shootings on the same day, and more families weeping and knowing that their mother, father, sister, brother, wife, husband will not be coming home. Last night and again this morning I found myself asking over and over, “why does this keep happening?” And by “this” I [Read More…]

Justifying #AssaultAtSpringValleyHigh: Dehumanization and Spiritual Illness

On Monday, multiple videos of a disturbing assault during math class at Spring Valley High School were released online. The level of violence shown in the video has led to widespread condemnation, calls for firing of the officer involved, and concern for the student, a small young Black teenage girl, who was assaulted in a [Read More…]

Islam’s Golden Age, A Reflection for Muslims Observing Ramadan

By M. Salman Ravala As the sun sets to finish the last few days of Ramadan, Islam’s holiest month, Muslims around the world should reflect–have we achieved our goals of service and fellowship? Have we achieved a renewed faith in our community? Are we agents of change in a world filled with oppression and strife? [Read More…]

Racism: Alive and Well in America

By Zainab Chaudry If any question remained whether racism and bigotry are alive and well in America, the Rush Limbaughs and Paula Deens of our time have laid it to rest. A couple weeks ago, hot on the heels of the furious uproar that swept the nation after the jury reached its verdict in the Trayvon Martin [Read More…]

Muslims & Christmas: Santa Claus is coming to town – not

I give up food and water for a month every Ramadan, while they get stockings and presents and fancy trees – even the ones who are decidedly more naughty than nice? Where is the justice? [Read more…]

"All-American Muslim" controversy: A litmus test

There has always been small, yet vocal minorities who have attempted to fear-monger against a perceived outsider group. This has shifted at one point or another from Catholics, to African-Americans, to Jews, to Asians. The focus is now squarely upon Muslims. [Read more…]