Social change in 2012: After the revolution

The only solid forecast for this new year is the continued infatuation for the mob to overthrow and overcome. But if 2011 has been the year of getting people in one place, 2012 may well be a test of keeping them there. [Read more…]

Afghan women: Pawns of war and peace

Unless the international community recognizes its responsibility to fulfill its commitments to Afghan women, marginalization and banishment will once again reappear. [Read more…]

Headcoverings in France: The burden of bans

Most French, Chinese and Saudis see no problem with clothing-related bans in their country. But a society that bans has no moral confidence in itself and eventually becomes unable to distinguish between right and wrong. [Read more…]

US-Pakistan relations: The shadows of hate

For Pakistanis, the strained relationship between Pakistan and the United States conceals another reality where assaults on young girls and killings of labourers must be overlooked and erased from public consciousness. [Read more…]

US-Pakistan relations: Tragedy of two countries

It has been a time of competing tragedies, where the epitaphs of those killed that September morning a decade ago must rival the body count of those slain to avenge them. [Read more…]

Pakistani FM Hina Rabbani Khar: Feudals, feminists and foreign ministers

Should women in positions of power–who, in some sense, all confront patriarchy and sexism by virtue of their positions–be supported and lauded by feminists simply because they’re female? [Read more…]