US Foreign Policy: Second thoughts?

America’s top US military officer, Admiral Mike Mullen, has injected a welcome dose of realism to the debate around America’s dealings with Muslim nations. As he is the man most responsible for the nation’s security, politicians should take heed. [Read more…]

Racial profiling: America’s color-coded terror alert

Bollywood star Shah Rukh Khan’s new movie about racial profiling has taken a new significance after his detention at a US airport. That people of his stature continue to be singled out for interrogation should give everyone pause. [Read more…]

Obama in Cairo: A blow to democracy

US President Barack Obama’s decision to give his long-advertised speech to the Muslim world from Cairo will be seen as an endorsement of Egypt’s brutal 30-year long dictatorship which has stifled political and press freedom alike. [Read more…]

Barack Obama: A good show, but no applause yet

If Bush was our Elmer Fudd, the classic befuddled cartoon character blind to his own ignorance, then Obama is this generation’s Bugs Bunny: a cool, savvy and cocky charmer who acts as if he is two steps ahead of everyone else, even as he’s staring down the barrel of a shotgun. [Read more…]

American Muslims: In Muslim film contest, diversity wins

Link TV’s “One Nation, Many Voices” film contest highlights a diverse and vibrant American Muslim community, with winners dealing with topics such as discrimination, community service, conversion, and unlikely friendships. [Read more…]

Pakistan's judiciary: The long march

The failure so far of Pakistani President Asif Zardari to restore that country’s Chief Justice Iftekhar Chaudhry remains a sore point with the country’s lawyers and reformists. Doing so could help stem the tide towards Talibanization and chaos. [Read more…]