Rescinding DACA would also be disastrous to our economy. Removing 800,000 people from the workforce nationwide would cost the country $433.4 billion in GDP loss over a decade. Read more

Between my weight-loss surgery and being able forge a new relationship with my phone, maybe I am ready make the leap and finally go for my Hajj. Read more

In his speech, the Commander-in-Chief said, “We are not nation-building again. We are killing terrorists.” What about the more than 40,000 we killed so far? Why did that not end terrorism? Read more

This story, commemorated by Muslims at hajj and around the world this week, is a story of radical hope in the face of a seemingly impossible situation. This week, Muslims across the world will remember and commemorate that sacrifice and the hope we can feel even in the face of darkness. Read more

What exactly happens during the Hajj, the annual pilgrimage to Islam’s most holy site? Read more

The Hajj was never designed for all Muslims. Whether that reflects the best of our faith is a question larger than anything I dare tackle. Read more

Since 2002, right-wing militants have killed many more people in the U.S. than terrorists inspired by Islam. Read more

Even as we aided our fellow pilgrim, I found myself impatiently asking why the local authorities had not yet arrived. I should have been asking, “What more can I do to help?” Read more

I am the queen of unsolicited advice. I’ll say out loud what everyone is thinking but don’t want to say aloud. I will break the silence on abuse or abusive behavior, and I will call your (or my) sh*t out. I can dish, and I can take it. But it’s going to have to be constructive Read more

Share your stories with us here at Altmuslim. What do you find beautiful, difficult or peaceful about these days? What are your Eid ul Adha traditions? Are you doing anything special to grow more spiritual during this time? Do you feel a disconnect in your community? Read more

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