Part of our responsibility to our constituency is to make sure we’re in the best shape physically and emotionally to serve. I wouldn’t say it’s an obligation, but I kind of wish it was. Read more

I believe that the very idea that anyone can “cure” a personality is in and of itself a form of inverted narcissism. Narcissism is contagious, and if you keep the company of narcissists you will eventually find yourself buying into their rhetoric. Read more

“Trump’s tweets show that, increasingly, America’s purveyors of anti-Muslim bigotry no longer need terrorism as a rationalization. Islamophobia is finding new justifications, which don’t rely on ISIS or Al Qaeda detonating bombs in London or Chicago. And in that way, it’s embedding itself more deeply in America’s political terrain.” Read more

How can communities recruit quality leadership to take on this kind of challenge – leading a mosque or running a city school district or restructuring a housing authority? Read more

We can’t let go of the support we’ve offered by way of our votes or watching a movie or what have you, so we continue past all reason. We compromise our moral standards so that we might not have to change the channel or our party registration. Read more

In this selective fight against oppression, women matter only when our rights, our security, our dignity, our humanity come as part and parcel of men’s rights, security, dignity, and humanity. Read more

Following Tea Party victories in 2010, anti-Sharia legislation hit state legislature committees constantly, with more than 70 bill proposals in 2011 and 2012 alone. However, 2013 through 2016 saw significantly less proposals, making the 2017 session (a 320% increase) even more significant. Read more

While it is important to condemn these abuses of faith, condemnation is not enough. As laity, we must demand more from our political and religious leaders. Faith belongs to each individual, not to morality police or appointed councils, and abusive behavior and bigotry cannot hide behind the words of any religion. Read more

If there is a silver lining to the Trump era, it is the call to arms of Americans from all walks of life to stand up and run for office, at all levels of government. Zahra Suratwala is one of the many women who have answered that call. Read more

To be moderate means to reject the false alternative that one must either give up life by degrees if they want to practice their religion, or give up religion by default, if they want to “have a life.” Read more

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