Working Through Pain and Rage to a Place of Mercy and Forgiveness

This Ramadan, think of the pains you have held on to and free yourself (with guided help). If we want His forgiveness and His Mercy, we need to be able to give it unconditionally. Only then will darkness transform to light. Read more

The Ramadan Blessings of the Number Thirty-Three

The number of years it takes our beloved Ramadan to complete a seasonal cycle. A cycle fashioned by Al-Musawwir, The Fashioner. A cycle that allows us to experience the blessings of Ramadan during the death of winter. A cycle that allows us to bear witness to Allah’s mercy during the renewal of spring. A cycle that allows us to greet the Month of the Qur’an in the heat of summer. A most beautiful cycle that allows us to know the Holy Month through the transitions of fall. Read more

4 Ways to Worship Smarter in a Busy Ramadan

Ramadan is a blessed month where Allah (swt) multiplies our good deeds. Finding ways to take advantage of this without necessarily adding to your workload is paramount to worshiping smart. Read more

Ramadan Prep? What Prep? ‘I Just Wing it.’

I promise I was paying attention. I knew it was coming. The weekly sermons leading up to Ramadan kept reminding us about preparing. How to fast. When to fast. What to do, what not to do. The emotional and spiritual work that we should do. Last Friday the sermon was about the levels of fasting. Read more

Ramadan Remembrance – My Brother and the Stories that Need to be Heard

My point in sharing these experiences, at the start of a new Ramadan, is this: Expressing our vulnerabilities is a Prophetic trait that we far too often bury rather than celebrate. For those who are in a position of prominence in their community, or even just in their own family, this becomes doubly important. Read more

The Timelessness of Hunger in Ramadan and Beyond

With hunger and fasting, these words made me examine my own experience of fasting, and I came to realize that I couldn’t remember a time when I truly felt hunger. Even during Ramadan, I didn’t feel hungry by the end of the day. I awaited with anticipation the breaking of the fast so I could enjoy the special dishes that we shared. But did I feel hungry? No. Read more

Nourish Your Mind, Body and Soul this Ramadan

There’s lots to reflect upon and worship to embark upon in Ramadan. But, nothing is possible without fortifying oneself for a long day of fasting by nourishing the mind, body and spirit before the fast begins. Read more

TRANSCRIPT – Trump’s Speech to Muslim Leaders: This is a “Battle Between Good and Evil”

President Trump made his first speech on foreign soil today in Saudi Arabia, in which he proposed a “coalition of nations” to stamp out extremism, acknowledged the vast number of Muslims who have been the victims of terrorism, called out Iran, and charged Muslim leaders with expelling extremism and terrorism from their nations. This, against the backdrop of months of anti-Muslim rhetoric in his campaign and administration resulting in a documented rise in violence against American (and global) Muslims as well as other groups and one of the largest arms deals signed between the U.S. and Saudi Arabia (a country engaged in a targeted military campaign in Yemen.) Read more

The Religion (Islam) Between Immigrant Parents and their Children on Aziz Ansari’s “Master of None”

On Aziz Ansari’s “Netflix” comedy, “Master of None,” the “Religion” episode tackles the differences between parents’ religion and that of their children. But between the religious and serious and nonreligious and fun, is there any room for those living in between? Read more