All Three: (1 of 4) unhappiness, past relationships, readers beware

Really all I want to toss in now is a raincheck for future blogs… First some self-flogging, for not blogging. I’ve gotta blog more, and write more in my little private journal. You can’t imagine how just inspiring it is to read some of my past entries, and enlightening to read others. When I think I’m down more than ever, I can just turn back to my entries of January 2004, or if I think I’m truly on a roll and I can sit back and relax a bit, I just need to look back to this May and June. I encourage everyone to blog, or journal. Lately I’ve met some folks in person who have read my blog, and heard more in the blog/email world from folks, which makes me feel a bit odd. But I don’t do this for them, because if I did it would become artificial, which at times it does anyhow. I do this to track the movements of my own consciousness, to see myself, to know my own thoughts by putting them out in the world as concrete things. Only in forgetting the possible judgments, forgetting consequences, can I speak from my heart. And even then it doesn’t always speak clearly.

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