A delicate blend of science and art (photography)

As a lover of photography and the sheer sense of awe and wonder that arise in contemplating “the starry heavens above” I have always been drawn to photos of celestial objects. My parents had a photograph of a solar eclipse from the early ’80s hanging in the living room; and where I grew up, one didn’t have to get away from anything to lie outside in darkness under a canopy of stars.

And my photography a consistent theme has always been the sun, the moon, and the clouds. But this… This is beyond amazing:

YouTube Preview Image

The work is from Michael Benson, an artist who has lived a remarkable life. He moved to Slovenia during the breakup of Yugoslavia, producing a documentary of the effects of the war on the arts culture there, Predictions of Fire (1995). He has gone on to a career with close ties to science and outer space, taking part in the movement to get NASA to retrofit the Hubble Telescope not long ago – and it worked. He also spearheaded a campaign to send the International Space Station out into the planets – an idea that has yet to be taken seriously by NASA.

You can see more of his latest work at his website: http://www.kinetikonpictures.com.

  • Joseph Dawn

    The amazing photos of Sun, Moon, Clouds and sky is very nice to me. Michael Benson the life of adventure is very attractive to me.I am very pleased with his works.