A beautiful day in Bristol: time lapse photography

Be sure to change the quality to 1080 HD and expand to full screen for the best viewing.

This is my first attempt at time lapse photography; shot on a Nikon D90 with the 8mm Rokinon Fisheye lens using the free DCamCapture software and (also free) Picasa to create the video (and also free) Windows Live Movie Maker to tweak the audio fade.

The shots go from noon until 2:20pm and then restart at 3:40 and run until 4:30. With this lens there are no auto capabilities, so I would have had to adjust the ISO,  aperture, and/or shutter speed with every shot to maintain balanced lighting. As it was I changed the shutter speed once in the first period of time, from 1/250 sec to 1/180 at around 0:42 seconds, but it’s barely noticeable, especially as the shift to the later time also has slightly, but noticeably different angle. Those shots, from about 0:48 forward, are in fading light and thus had the shutter speed opened to 1/45 second. I thought about increasing the shutter length (or, rather, decreasing the shutter speed) and/or increasing the ISO, etc. But the clouds rolling in didn’t look too interesting and the temperature was dropping quickly (I was shooting out of a wide-open window in my bedroom), so I figured I would save the longer time lapse for another day.

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