Save the Buddhas of Mes Aynak

Buddhas of Mes Aynak

Click the link above to go directly to the “The Buddhas of Mes Aynak” Kickstarter page. News is spreading around the world about this important project (both the film and the necessity of saving the site for archaeologists).

Here you can listen to a wonderful audio interview of Brent Huffman on PRI (public radio international):

Many more are found on the kickstarter page.

This is from the Afghans for Peace facebook page: Worldwide Protests to Save the Ancient Buddhist City of Mes Aynak:

In 2001, the world watched in horror as the Taliban destroyed the Buddhist statues of Bamiyan, historic 5th century statues that were carved into the cliffs of the Bamiyan valley and originally decorated with gold and jewels. As the US was preparing to go to war with Afghanistan, footage of the destruction was broadcast to the world to rally support for the invasion, the overthrow of the Taliban, and installment of a proxy government that would serve US interests.

Now, 11 years after the US invasion of Afghanistan, the ancient Buddhist city of Mes Aynak is in immediate danger of complete destruction. Mes Aynak sits atop a rich copper deposit, something the international community, including the U.S., Canada, and China, have had their eyes on. The copper deposit is estimated to value over a trillion dollars. And China has won the lease over the land and hopes to begin digging (and destroying) the historic site as soon as December!

Please help spread the word about this pending atrocity by signing your name to a petition available at .

It’s not just about Buddhist heritage, it’s about human heritage.

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