Six Months given to Save the Buddhas of Mes Aynak

Breaking News from The Buddhas of Aynak (via facebook):

I have some unfortunate news – archaeologists only have SIX MONTHS from now to perform rescue archaeology at Mes Aynak. So they do NOT have until 2014.

They have until June 2013.

I feel that now is the time to submit all signatures for our two official petitions to show the significant international support for saving Mes Aynak.


As I wrote 3 months ago:

The site, in the rugged and arid mountains of Afghanistan, was once a hot spot on the Silk Route, home of thriving communities of traders and monks. The site was only rediscovered two years ago, when the Chinese mining company began its exploratory digging. Since the discovery here was deemed so monumental (talk of getting it registered as a UNESCO protected site has circulated, but has so far failed), the Afghan government was pressured into setting a two-year moratorium on further mining.

The online petition to save the site (click this link) is still up and counting (though not for long).And the kickstarter campaign created by filmmaker Brent Huffman to document the site has exceeded its $30,000 goal.For an audio interview with Brent Huffman and more information, click here.

An amazing site for human history is going to be pulverized for profit and the satisfaction of our contemporary greed. Get involved. Join the facebook group, sign the petition, learn more about this precious site and others like it.

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